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by izzy84075
Mon Mar 25, 2013 7:53 am UTC
Forum: Individual XKCD Comic Threads
Topic: 1190: "Time"
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Re: 1190: "Time"

"wget --trust-server-names [image URL]" saves it with the hash as the filename. Got cron saving it every 5 minutes on my server... Have to use the filesystem timestamp to sort it properly, but... EDIT: Well, it seems to be using the last modified time from the server on the local filesyste...
by izzy84075
Mon Nov 03, 2008 11:23 pm UTC
Forum: Individual XKCD Comic Threads
Topic: 0499: "Scantron"
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Re: "Scantron" Discussion

Well, for a second I thought someone was going like, "#3 pencil? Not in my school! " And then blasting on someone else at random. See, normally the Scantron machines they use to grade the tests aren't right outside the classroom door, so what really offends me is the lack of scholastic ac...

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