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by JamesCFraser
Thu Nov 15, 2007 9:24 pm UTC
Forum: Computer Science
Topic: I'm a Newbie
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Re: I'm a Newbie

I would recommend you have a go at some problem solving. At Online Judge there's a really good set of problems. Generally speaking, they require little programming knowledge, but good logic instead. You have less than 10 posts and the site to which you link believes in o...
by JamesCFraser
Wed Nov 14, 2007 10:32 pm UTC
Forum: General
Topic: Who the dickens are you?
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Hi, I'm called James and am currently 17 (birth date: 3/12/89 {English format}). I'm from Leeds, England. I read through the XKCD archive a few weeks ago, and so decided to see what the forum was like. Just a glance at the section titles was enough to convince me that it was a good idea to join. I'm...

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