JSON: \u escapes and safe_title

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JSON: \u escapes and safe_title

Postby Jonathanvt » Fri Jan 21, 2011 4:13 am UTC

Since the JSON is now protipped on the site and should therefore hopefully have someone backing it, I'll highlight some issues:


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"alt": "E\u00c3\u00a4rendil will patrol ...

The spec says \u is a UTF-16 escape (resulting in ä instead of ä). Here, it has UTF-8 encoded in it. Shouldn't it be \u00e4 if you must escape? Or is the interface defined to be like this now for compatibility with software that expects it?


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"safe_title": "<span style=\"color: #0000ED\">House</span> of Pancakes"

What's safe_title about, if it's not stripping things like this?

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