Does anyone else wonder why Access is so widely used?

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Does anyone else wonder why Access is so widely used?

Postby Earlz » Thu Dec 03, 2009 4:41 am UTC

At my work place I've witnessed some of the absolute horrors of abuse of Access.

I mean, I've seen a lot of programs that go beyond using Access for simple data storage and make full applications in that cursed VBA.

Why is it that Access is so widespread. What makes it so tempting for "programmers" to use Access and VBA to create entire applications? (by applications, I mean an entire interface with the database and a lot of VBA for verifying and such things.)

I've been contemplating creating a replacement or something.. but I can't see the point why people are originally using it in the first place instead of learning something more worth while like C# (which you can develop in for free using Express) and interfacing with mdb files.

Can anyone enlighten me? Is this just because Access is right there and available? I know VBA still has a learning curve, no matter how small it is.
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Re: Does anyone else wonder why Access is so widely used?

Postby cerbie » Thu Dec 03, 2009 7:20 am UTC

You have Office Professional on every PC.

Ta-da! You have Access. Until fairly recently ("Oh me yarm, people are using Linux and FreeBSD for stuff we charge too much for!"), getting a full set of software to do the same things in other ways was not easy or cheap. Before the Express versions ('05? '06?), it was either integrate with Office, or ditch MS (sufficient dev, client, and server software could run from $200 into the thousands...v. just using Access). Now, people are used to Access.

As to a replacement, it's a sad cycle. If it doesn't work like Access, who'd want it? If it does work like Access, why not just use the underlying parts separately, and do it better?
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Re: Does anyone else wonder why Access is so widely used?

Postby spudtheimpaler » Thu Dec 03, 2009 7:47 am UTC

cerbie wrote:You have Office Professional on every PC.

Yes, this. Simples.
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