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Vector Rally

Posted: Sun Jul 11, 2010 1:08 pm UTC
by Grosie
I have challenged myself to create a program that solves a vector rally course that is fed into it. (Wiki:

I am building this in C# at the moment, because that is the language that I am most familiar with, but I have hit some stumbling blocks. I am using a brute force method (probably the wrong way...) but there is an obvious problem with this (see attachment)

I have seen a perfectly intelligent AI in several places on the internet, but I can't fathom how it's done. Before I describe in detail my method, I would like to see what the community can come up with (I wouldn't mind starting again if I had to, but would still like to use C#)

Thanks in advance.

Re: Vector Rally

Posted: Sun Jul 11, 2010 5:36 pm UTC
by the.coding.eye
I've never implemented it before (and haven't read enough to fully understand it), but the A* Search algorithm might be the way to go.