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Twitter Bootstrap

Postby Moo » Tue Sep 23, 2014 2:44 pm UTC

So, we're using Bootstrap quite extensively at my new job. I've kind of gotten the hang of it, and definitely see the appeal.

I have a specific Bootstrap question but I figured it's an interesting and pervasive enough subject that it deserves its own general thread.

Question: has anyone worked with scrollspy? Specifically, I'm trying to get it to work on a sub-nav, rather than a top level nav. IF I can get it working, I eventually want different links in the nav to have different styles applied depending on the section being viewed by the user. Sections have different colours.

Have you ever used scrollspy on a subnav (there is no scrollspy on the top nav)? Any general tips for using scrollspy? Which implementation do you prefer (data attributes or JavaScript?
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