Genetic Algorithm parameter settings for Real Coded GA

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Genetic Algorithm parameter settings for Real Coded GA

Postby jimmysebayang » Sat Jun 06, 2015 2:31 am UTC

hello, all.. introduce my self.. my name's jimmy.
is there anyone who interested in genetic algorithm?
I really need your help.. :)

is there any suggestion for deciding Genetic Algorithm parameter such as population size, number of generation, crossover rate etc in Real Coded GA?

i m doing my research by using GA to optimize Neural Network parameters..
Since the problems have very large solution spaces and need so many chromosome, so I decided to using Real Coded GA to save computing time ..

I found some standart parameter settings such as Dejong Settings (From [DeJong and Spears, 1990]) and Grefenstette Settings (From [Grefenstette, 1986]). But it seems, these parameter settings is just for binary coding..

Really need your suggestion,
Thanks in advance..

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