Can one change the keycode for "fn" key on a MacBook Pro?

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Can one change the keycode for "fn" key on a MacBook Pro?

Postby v1nsai » Sun Mar 11, 2012 4:28 am UTC

I recently got the first OS X machine I've ever owned or played on for longer than a few minutes, and have been trying out gaming on it with Onlive and am really annoyed by the fn and ctrl keys switching places vs how it is arranged on most PC's. I would really like to use the fn key in games, but the fn key isn't recognized without another key in any of the games I've tried. Would there be a way to write an applescript or bash script that would listen for that fn key and output another key like a random letter or something that could be recognized by whatever game?

I was using Linux as my primary OS before OS X but other than that I know nothing of Mac or how to approach this, any suggestions?

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