Where in the Mandelbrot Set are Aarex? 2

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Where in the Mandelbrot Set are Aarex? 2

Postby AarexTiaokhiao » Fri Nov 07, 2014 12:34 am UTC

Welcome! This is the Mandelbrot Set version of Where in the World!

The Mandelbrot Set is an infinitely complex structure discovered by Benoit Mandelbrot, and it's very similar to Google Maps because you start with a big complex structure and you zoom into it to find interesting places. It has those dull areas that are like oceans, and it has smaller deformed copies of the whole shebang which are like big, dense cities.

So, why not hiding there? Luckily, we can limit how big is the Set, and so, we can zoom just enough before things start looking all the same, by limiting the number of iterations, which means, you can find me in x questions or less, where x is powers of two zoom level, by asking questions similar to Where in the world!

We'll be using Kalles Fraktaler from here!

  • I am hiding somewhere in the Mandelbrot Set, and you must find me!
  • I will post a screencap taken from the Mandelbrot Set from here.
  • Everyone else asks yes or no questions in order to find out where I am.
  • Each question asked must be seconded by at least one other person before I will answer it.
  • The first person to guess my exact coordinates and/or post a screencap matching mine wins the game.
  • If you can't find me after x questions, where x is powers of two zoom level, I win the game.
  • I picks the next location, uploads an image, and answers questions, after the game ended.

  • No answers

I'm hiding here! This photo is zoom level is 40, so can you find me on 40 questions or below?
Where in the Mandelbrot Set are Aarex 2.jpg

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