strange dream

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strange dream

Postby phillip1882 » Mon May 01, 2017 4:44 pm UTC

i dreamed i was laying in bed staring up at the ceiling and then my vision become kinda blurry and i saw bright flashes of light in front of my eyes. then i dissolved and re-emerged at my college campus. i thought i had teleported and told some passerby's this. they looked at me kinda sideways and then gasped and said i had too many children. i walked around in a bit of of a daze for a few minutes, then a clone of me wearing a black shirt ran up to me and started fighting me. then he changed to a wire frame computer generated head, screamed, and i sunk into an abyss.
when i came to, i was in a giant stone room and on a stone throne was a giant muscular demon. he had a small servant demon next to him. the giant demon spoke to me and said magic needed to be restored, and that he had a pool of essence that can do it, but it required sacrifice. then the dream shifted. i was in a wooden amphitheater, with a wooden clock that read two, and there we a bunch a people around me giving me a funny look. they had white powder all over their faces so i thought they might be ghosts. they told me they had a plan to get to the pool of essence held by the demon.
there was some passageway we were supposed to take that lead to a secret tunnel, but i kept going the wrong way. finally they gave up and said that there is no choice now, they had to eat me. i put my head down in shame and said i would try to endure the pain. i took of my shirt, and within moments i felt a sharp stabbing pain in my back, i said ouch, and immediately felt them withdraw, no more pain. then i asked if i could bite a piece of myself off and feed it to them, if that would work. they said it would. so i put my pointer finger in my mouth and started biting down hard. and i really felt like i was doing this both in my mouth and on my finger.after a few minutes i heard a pop, and felt my finger give slightly so i put my hand under my jaw and started ramming it upward trying to get it off. then i woke up. my finger is fine by the way, not even bite marks.
good luck have fun

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Re: strange dream

Postby flicky1991 » Mon May 01, 2017 4:52 pm UTC

That is... Weird.

In my dream last night, I was on a train with some crazy guy, and he said something that made me cry (although I don't remember what it was).

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