Broken Picture Telephone: Improved Edition

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Broken Picture Telephone: Improved Edition

Postby The Snide Sniper » Sun May 28, 2017 6:19 pm UTC

Like Broken Picture Telephone, but there are two phone lines. The goal is for the thread to not be constantly dying off.

In each post:
  1. Look inside the spoilers in the previous post.
  2. Describe the image. Put your description in a spoiler.
  3. Make a drawing depicting the text, preferably in MS Paint. Attach it to your post, and place it in the spoiler.
  4. Label your spoilers.
Additionally, there are a few stipulations:
  • Images and descriptions must be safe for work.
  • After you make a post, you may not make another post until at least five other users have posted or a week has passed since the last post.
  • Good drawing skills are discouraged, but not forbidden.
  • Posts that break the rules should be ignored.
To start:
A man gets eaten by a pack of velociraptors.
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Re: Broken Picture Telephone: Improved Edition

Postby SirGabriel » Sun May 28, 2017 8:58 pm UTC

This looks counterproductive to me - the other thread keeps dying off because nobody wants to draw the picture, and now you're making pictures part of every post, thereby increasing the number of people-willing-to-draw needed to keep the game running.

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