Rap Battle Thread!

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Re: Rap Battle Thread!

Postby thecamoninja » Thu May 11, 2017 10:39 pm UTC

it's been three damn years and i can't be beat!
camouflage or lavender im bringin you the heat!
and you gotta know this victory be tastin so sweet
i got all u chump MCs routed, man: a hasty retreat

My rhymes are always tasty
you white boys all are pasty
that's right! my flow is racy
cuz none of y'all can face me!
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Re: Rap Battle Thread!

Postby freezeblade » Thu May 11, 2017 11:25 pm UTC

I don't mean to step on your flow,
but Imma stop you right there,
put yo teeth to the stair

up in here with your silly rap handle
throwin' round these lines like you could hold a candle-
in the darkness of this here sea with no beat
see you actin all tough with your rhymes on repeat

Now I'm stompin' in here to topple your tower
Steppin' though your rhymes like my sneaks on a flower
or a weed.
That I'm pullin'
or the weed that I'm smokin'

I'm the Blade cause I cut
straight though the bull-
right though to your gut

So don't give me no shit
Not even one bit
Not even one time
how's that for a rhyme?

Edit: I had to internalize a beat, I'm used to having one there, it just won't flow right without one.
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Re: Rap Battle Thread!

Postby heuristically_alone » Fri May 12, 2017 12:15 am UTC

once upon a time there was a kitten
So i put it in a blender and bloodied up the kitchen

Went to yo momma's for dinner the other night
But told her is was disgusting, no thank you and goodnight

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