Help Design Keo-Hobo-Topia (The Flying Fortress for us all)

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Re: Help Design Keo-Hobo-Topia (The Flying Fortress for us all)

Postby Beyondthewall » Sat Oct 13, 2007 5:21 am UTC

• on-board recycling facility. For one, it's best not to constantly touch down if possible, and for another, we would go through paper WAY to fast.

• regular garden. Zen's good, but it doesn't feed the meatsacks. Plus, gardens help with recycling.

• lots and lots of rapid-prototyping machines.

• gym with playground. Gotta get those STR and CON points. Also, the meetup certainly proved the necessity of a jungle gym.

• miniature forge, for reasons practical and otherwise.

• über-sized printer.
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Re: Help Design Keo-Hobo-Topia (The Flying Fortress for us all)

Postby sillybear25 » Sat Oct 13, 2007 3:31 pm UTC

Beyondthewall wrote:• über-sized printer.

Good idea. That way, we can get rid of any government spies that infiltrate the fortress in a very action movie-ey way.

We all need to be trained in action movie stunts, so that we can further impress any onlookers with our awesomeness, so I recommend a training room.
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