portland, oregon XKCD bike ride tuesday 23 june

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portland, oregon XKCD bike ride tuesday 23 june

Postby fool » Mon Jun 22, 2009 5:40 am UTC

dudes & dudettes.

you & your bicycle should come to powell's technical books @ 33 NW park street in portland, OR on the evening of 23 june at 8pm. we will be dressing, parodying, talking about, and participating in re-enactments and enhancements of many of xkcd's finer points in a mobile celebration. cosplay of xkcd characters encouraged (come on, it's at least an excuse to get our your firefly wear), and when has cosplay ever been simpler to overachieve at? we'll have a handful of activities including live geohashing and mind games, maybe a hammer slide competition, and definitely good geeky times. join our leader, cory doctorow and see where the night takes you! free event, featuring slow group bicycle ride (not so slow you could walk it, nor drivable, but neither do you need to be a speed demon on the bike or even very athletic. you don't have to be faster than the raptors, you just have to be faster than someone else. anyone else!) do bring your blinky lights because it will get dark while we're out. bringing laptops also encouraged (we will try to have a mobile wifi setup along with us).

here's the event info in less detail: http://shift2bikes.org/cal/viewmonth.php?month=06&year=2009#23-897

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