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2 chemistry questions

Posted: Wed Apr 12, 2017 3:02 pm UTC
by Tevin Chung from South Korea
The next two questions are questions I took today as a mock test for Korean Scholastic Aptitude Test.

Yeah, I got both questions wrong,

I'll translate the following two questions to you and show them to you.

Let's see how you can solve them in 6 minutes(Actually, this is also a time consuming gift)

18. The figure shows the number of units per unit volume of a mixed solution according to the volume of NaOH (aq), which is added to the volume of HCl (aq) when adding NaOH to 20 mL.
Choose the right thing from the next edition. (However, the volume of mixed solution is equal to the sum of the volume of each solution before mixing.)

X axis of graph : volume of added NaOH (mL)
Y axis of graph : Number of ions per unit volume

A. B ion is H +.
B. x+y=5.6N
C. When the volumetric volume of the NaOH is 40 mL, the total number of ions per unit volume of the mixed solution is 8 N.

20. The following is a chemical reaction equation that responds with gas A and O2.
aA(g)+3O2(g)->CO2(g)+bB(g) (a, b is Response factor)
The molecular weight of B? (C, O, and O respectively, the mass of the atoms varies, and the temperature and pressure are constant.)

X axis of graph : the number of moles of O2 (mole)
Y axis of graph : the volume of the entire gas (relative value)