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Postby Corvidae » Thu Oct 28, 2010 7:36 pm UTC

I have this science project, y'see... and I wanted to do something on perception.

I had the idea of getting two base characters, one male, one female, and dressing them in different outfits and hairstyles and judging people's reactions to them with questions. ("Would you let this person baby-sit your offspring," for example.) I'm a pretty decent artist, so all it'd really take would be some photoshop and I'd be good. Unfortunately, I don't actually own Photoshop or a scanner. The library does, but I remember to scan my drawings about once every six months.

The other idea I had was something akin to the color quiz that showed up here a while back. Unfortunately, I have absolutely no idea how to code such a thing. I could conceivably ask my father, who knows about these things, but...

The project's due in January, so I have plenty of time, but I also have a five-page essay due November 10th about my project. So I need to decide what I'm going to do very, very quickly.

Suggestions, information, links, general advice, and what-have-you are all very welcome.

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