F^{mu nu} and QED

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F^{mu nu} and QED

Postby archgoon » Wed Jun 27, 2007 5:48 am UTC

So, anyhow, wikipedia says:


So, is that F_{mu nu}F^{mu nu} term just the good ol fashioned Electromagnetic field tensor that we all know and love from classical E+M? Does this mean that I can plug in a given E field and B Field, figure out what F is and use that to solve the associated Euler-Langrange equations for \psi and \psibar? Alternatively, if I know \psi and \psibar, can I figure out F?

I seem to recall that it's not though. Since \psi and \psibar are operators, F probably is as well. So, given F the operator, how do I figure out what F, the field strength in some region is?
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