Evolving Music Experiment - please participate

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Evolving Music Experiment - please participate

Postby LordBritish » Tue May 17, 2011 6:40 pm UTC

In an experiment we try to evolve short pieces of music by running an evolutionary algorithm with user feedback for ranking.
The project is called Mozart meets Darwin:


To evolve something, we need a model of the canditates, a method to mutate a candidate (that is apply some random perturbations), a method to recombine two parent candidates into similar children canditates, and a way to assess the fitness of a result. Using the music notes as DNA, we came up with solutions for mutation and recombination. But the assessment of the quality cannot be done by the machine - that is where we need you to indicate which piece of music is better than the other.

I will publish results of the experiment soon. To give some hint in advance, let's say, evolving music using human input is not as easy as it sounds...

Contributions (you can click on the link above and vote a couple of melodies - as many as you want), comments, and hints are welcome!
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