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Postby katemonster » Thu Apr 24, 2008 1:42 am UTC

Hi, I'm Kate, and I just found the website a few days ago, I don't even know how. Ironically, someone recommended it 2 days later. Anyway, I'm 19 from sunny Connecticut... well, today it was sunny, but who can say how long that will last.
I just had to say how much I love this site already, the episodes about stepping only on black tiles and sidewalk cracks interrupting my natural stride and mathematical analysis of the efficiency of my path made me laugh and very glad I am not alone in having that issue. O:-)
Also, comic 241 (Battle Room) is now my favorite. :D
I like how I can go one moment to laughing hysterically to the next feeling totally lost because I have forgotten all my calculus and I totally fail at science anyway. heh

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Postby chocolatefan » Thu Apr 24, 2008 10:15 am UTC

Hello. Found this comic months ago. I registered because I was annoyed with being unable to comment on comics. Now that I've registered, the twitching has disappeared.

I'm a boring human that likes to play video games and read comics. I spend way too much time in front of the computer. My oversized window provides enough air and sunshine to sustain me though. I got my username from a nickname I've been using for ages. I'm from Singapore and am still there, doing nothing particularly useful. I'm 20 but look younger than that. My friends think I'm a different from the typical. I go for days without seeing said friends and don't miss them at all until I realise there's more to life than being a human robot (that happens often) or when I get a call/message from them (this seldom happens). I go to the cinema to actually watch the movie, not hang out with people who don't turn off their phones and attempt to keep talking to me throughout just because we're friends.

I'm less grumpy in person. Usually, I'm more hyper and optimistic on the internet. :D That is, until I get really ticked off.

I was once likened to squirrels.

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Rowsdower! (me)

Postby Rowsdower » Thu Apr 24, 2008 2:35 pm UTC

Hello. I'm Rowsdower. Zap Rowdower.

I'm obsessed with Phantom of the Opera, the internet, Ender's Game, hedgehogs, and The Count of Monte Cristo.

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Postby Calpin » Thu Apr 24, 2008 6:10 pm UTC

I'm Calpin, already posted a few times but I thought I might as well introduce myself (even though this thread is now surely too long to find anyone :? ).

I have a general interest in maths and science but I can't stand biology, only studied up to A-level though so I get lost easily; I've been described as militantly atheist but I'm not honestly.
If you're reading this you probably take me too seriously.

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Postby atmq » Thu Apr 24, 2008 6:24 pm UTC

Marie, I like the comic so I thought I'd register. Yeah, that's about it. Oh, did I mention I'm not very talkative?

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Postby Mitora » Fri Apr 25, 2008 2:53 am UTC

Hi, I registered a few days ago and have been lurking around. I probably will do more lurking than talking but I figured I would join anyway.

Anyhow, I'm 17, soon to be 18 in June. I travel full time but will be settling down this fall to attend a junior college in a painfully small town in middle Georgia. I will major in communications and hopefully will one day be a public relations specialist. I cant say that I am obsessed with math (I actually have a very hard time with it), but language and romance and geeky things are high on my list of likes so I find much enjoyment in the comic. I am also obsessed with reading, writing, dancing and singing. But mainly reading. I collect antique books, my oldest currently being from 1856. It's a worn, but very nice bible with a very old looking pressed flower in it. Its my baby lol.

Well I suppose that is a good basic rundown of who I am. If you have any other questions feel free to pm me. ^^

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Postby arieshu » Fri Apr 25, 2008 6:38 am UTC

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Postby grimmace23 » Fri Apr 25, 2008 12:06 pm UTC


I'm 17, live in the Blue Mountains just outside of Sydney, Australia. I am currently completing my last year of high school, and I hope to blast into the music industry in the next few years to come. I was introduced to this forum by my mate just today, and so I have started posting all over the place.

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Postby Rowboat » Fri Apr 25, 2008 4:04 pm UTC

Hello! I'm James.

I was introduced to xkcd when a friend emailed me one of the comics a few months ago, and have been browsing all over the site since then. I've never been active on any internet fora/blog/whatever before, but I've been really impressed with the quality of discussions and the intelligence of members here, and decided to join.

I'm a 26 year old grad-school dropout with a B.S. in electrical engineering, now working as an R&M engineer (that's Reliability and Maintainability). Richmond, VA is my hometown. I've been a half-assed guitarist/singer for over 10 years, and I'm a horrible raquetball and poker player. I'm also a bit of a beer snob, though I'm not above downing some PBR if it's the only thing around.

end nutshell;

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Postby bentheimmigrant » Fri Apr 25, 2008 9:50 pm UTC

Howdy... I'm Ben... And I'm a foreigner wherever I go (because I'm an Englishman with an American accent). Ummm.... I study Chemical Engineering... Yeah. That's about it at the moment.
I stumbled upon the comic when I was first RickRolled a couple days ago (I couldn't stop laughing for ages). Anyways. Gradually found my way in here.
As an introduction to myself (or of myself), I am a well balanced person with a geek(ish) side who desperately wishes he was more artistic and creative (but that is not to be it seems). Oh, and I struggle to resist using parenthesis when I write (don't we all?). Sometimes it's just not worth fighting.
"Comment is free, but facts are sacred" - C.P. Scott

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Postby mountainebony » Fri Apr 25, 2008 10:50 pm UTC

My name is Saumya. I live in Delhi, India. I'm a humanities student, the reason why most of the math and computer appication jokes in xkcd strips are lost on me. I wish I were better at math. I'm terrible at math. I get flustered by rudeness masquerading as a clever joke. I overanalyse sometimes. I like flowering trees. When I'm not whining about impossible-to-meet deadlines, I'm reading Defoe. I like poetry. I like to watch Bombay Masala films. I like coffee.

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Postby Kleinheiko » Sat Apr 26, 2008 12:35 am UTC

My name is Paul. I believe I do the best imitation of myself, but if you know somebody who does a better imitation of me, I'd like to meet them. When Littlefoot's mother died, I did cry. I also cried in Cast Away when Wilson floated away. I'm about to graduate high school and go to college. In other words, I have the chance to relive the nervousness, cluelessness, and smallness of Freshman-ness again. It may be obvious that I am not going to be an English major.

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Postby Silentnite » Sat Apr 26, 2008 4:48 am UTC

Insert oblig random personal info here. I'm Jon. I talk alot, and enjoy puns. That's right. Puns. I misuse the apostrophe, because I dislike people correcting me, and it amuses me to irk people. I've been a lurker forever, just decided to register because I'm tired of not talking.

Computers/electronica type gizmo's is my game, Aeronautical is my profession. I'm 22...ish? Hm. Carry the three, somewhere in October, yeah 22. Pursuing a degree in CompSci-interwebs, learning programming and chemistry.

I read prolifically. And ....that's it.

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Postby Tahlas » Sat Apr 26, 2008 2:22 pm UTC

Hi I'm Mathias.
I'm Danish and I'm studying chemistry, I've been lurking around for some time (couple of weeks),
I'm probably going to be spending my time mostly in the science department.

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Postby King Dude » Sat Apr 26, 2008 8:41 pm UTC

Hi! I'm KING! :D I stumbled upon the comic a while back, but never really decided to go to the forums. But I'm here now and hope to see you guys later. :P

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Postby stony-p » Sat Apr 26, 2008 9:20 pm UTC

Hi folks. Long time lurker but decided I'd register :) My name's Tony

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Postby clobs » Sat Apr 26, 2008 9:31 pm UTC

Sup guys.

I felt bored and wanted to join a forum and I've lurked this one a bit, so I decided to join here! Now for stuff about myself...

My name is Sean, I'm 16, I live in Rockville, Maryland which is right outside of DC, I'm a bassist, I listen to too much music, and I spend too much time on the internet. That should do for now, no?

Also the other forum I frequent is the Questionable Content forums, in case anyone cares or if that kind of stuff is important.

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Postby thing12347 » Sun Apr 27, 2008 2:27 am UTC


My name is Mike, and I live in the United States.

I've been reading the forums and comics for around 1 year now, and finally decided to start posting after some of the coding projects/problems starting intresting me.

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Postby überRegenbogen » Sun Apr 27, 2008 11:12 am UTC

LemonFresh wrote:(and by "read" I mean "read the entire archive in one sitting")

Heheheh. You too, eh? ;P
What were you doing at 0x4655434B?

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Postby tryptanymph » Sun Apr 27, 2008 1:54 pm UTC

überRegenbogen wrote:
LemonFresh wrote:(and by "read" I mean "read the entire archive in one sitting")

Heheheh. You too, eh? ;P

Oh, pretty much everyone does that. I know I did. :D
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Postby Givenup » Sun Apr 27, 2008 3:04 pm UTC

(something i sould have done when i signed up)
well im Robert from north florida....yeah the sun shine state...it even rains wile its sunny out.
well just an ordinary person..i have friends in calculs and pysics and they try to teach me for when i get up there...but i play WoW and enjoy texting people till 2 in the morning
You dont hate the Style, Just create your own.

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Postby elros » Sun Apr 27, 2008 4:44 pm UTC

Hello my name is Hallgeir, I'm from Norway.
And I'm thirty years old. Am I too old for this?

Regardless. I am a student, studying for what we call a bachelor degree in music. Also I work with electronics. Likes to listen to music, and play music, and improve things.

It is raining outside, and I've recently had coffee.

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Postby lostraven » Sun Apr 27, 2008 5:30 pm UTC

'allo all,

I just found your lovely corner of the digital realm today while reading the
Slashdot forums, specifically a thread about birthday parties for math nerds.
There was more than one reference to this site there, so I thought I'd drop in
and visit. I love the web comic immensely. While I don't have the geek license
to understand all of the references, I find it refreshing. It gives me the opportunity
to possibly learn about something I didn't know by planting a comical seed.
Naturally, I felt it would be good to join in the forums given the organized
and informative information found here.

So I'm currently residing in Madrid, Spain, though I'm originally from St. Louis, MO,
U.S.A.. I've been here for close to a year, and I make attempts to impart English
knowledge to a variety of Spaniards. I've always had an interest in teaching, though
I've never felt like I had any knowledge that others desired. Certainly, teaching English
is a fairly generic way to see other countries, but it's a start I suppose. I try to
remember that just because I know the language doesn't make me special. Learning
the language and culture (in this case, Spanish) is just as important to do and
demonstrate during the classes.

I'm 32 years old and pondering what's next for me. I've always had interests
in creating music, playing with basic statistics, learning about language, and
traveling during my life. Despite all this, I've struggled my entire life with
relatively short attention span and lack of focus. I've constantly gone from
liking one thing to another in rapid-fire fashion, never really focusing on
any one thing for long. The end result is that I seem to be more of a "Jack-
of-all-trades" sort, a person who knows only a little bit about a lot of different
things. In a way, this has been good because it has allowed me to see a lot
of what the world offers. In another, it's incredibly annoying that I can't seem
to focus on most things very long. I guess there are exceptions. Currently it
has been fantasy baseball, but I digress...

Lately, I've become more interested in astronomy, physics, and cosmology,
though admitedly, my level of knowledge is general. I don't get off really on
calculus or hard calculations, but prefer the theoretical and grand views of
science. I once was going to be an atmospheric scientist but dropped out
of college and never finished. I'm always intrigued by the earth sciences
and what they have to offer, though cosmology is increasingly taking up
more of my interest.

I also enjoy things like hiking, mountain biking, and camping. Really love
me some float trips, something I miss greatly.

This is getting way too long. If anyone happens on this and just happens
to be in Madrid, drop me a line. Always looking to jabber with fellow
geeks/lovers of science/generally good people regardless.

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Postby IIIII0IIIII » Sun Apr 27, 2008 9:10 pm UTC

Hi, I'm IIIII0IIIII, or Digit Boy. Or 11111011111, or lllll0lllll, or any combination of 1s, Is or ls that fits the pattern. It worked in a set of fonts in Tribes back when I was in college and played computer games, and it was super-rad because a whole team of us could all have the same name, and it was like we were a hive mind. Which was apt, because we played so well together that we were like a hive mind. This was in the Shifter era, when Tribes really hit its stride: A few of us were modding it so constantly that it was like the game was adapting around the players. We generally had a philosophy of not nerfing weapons when they got too powerful or people grew too good with them; instead we'd develop some sort of a counter to them. It gave the game the feeling of a cold war and a cult following, and I was fascinated by the evolutionary themes of it. The penultimate development for it was when we started working on self-adapting systems that players could introduce to the game, but at the time that idea was a little bit beyond my ability. I often feel like I ruined my life by playing that game.

I also think that I may be destined to invent a time machine to come back and write XKCD, because it completely relates to my background and philosophy. Also, that fact makes me cry sometimes, because I feel like the poet I once was has died recently, and I'm not entirely sure why. The state of our nation makes me despair. I ran for political office in 2003 as the bombs were falling on Baghdad, but was the incidental victim of a strategist with superior knowledge of Clausewitz and a ruthless incumbent who lacked my allergy to dirty tricks. I want to run again, but the campaign actually did ruin my life for several years.

I have a joint BS in math and physics. I want to go to grad school, but I'm not sure I can handle the insanity that is academia. Right now, I'm an overpaid and underskilled software engineer by day and an improv actor by night. I'm fascinated by the way improv acting works -- it's like mixing game theory and evolutionary biology and putting it on stage. I hate my life right now, because I have no relevance to the species.

I believe that P!=NP, mostly because I'm not a Platonist. I think string theory is pretty retarded, but that might just be because the field hasn't yet been given an advocate with the right language. It's too clunky. The good shit is always really elegant, just like any good piece of literature. Math is just a language. I think there's a small piece missing from modern quantum mechanics, but I'm not good enough to explain what it is. It's probably the Higgs boson. I dream of retiring after a long political and business career to become a theoretical physicist. I'm egotistical enough to believe that I might be able to find an Answer, but I'm pragmatic enough to think that spending my life building support for science is more important. That dichotomy of belief paralyzes me for years at a time.

I secretly think our generation might live forever. I firmly believe that the real children of Men are our corporations and institutions. I think that physicist and mathematicians lead the most noble lives that can be lived: Every single step they take -- even the wrong ones -- further the species. I'm an atheist, but I secretly hope I'm wrong.

And that's me. For right now.

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Postby joshg8 » Sun Apr 27, 2008 10:28 pm UTC

Hey guys, my name is Josh.

I have been reading the comic and trolling some of the forums, mainly Mathematics and Logic Puzzles, for a few months now.
I love the style of humor and most people in the xkcd community are respectful and intelligent.
I am studying Mechanical Engineering at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA and will be finishing my second year in a few weeks.

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Postby Gigalith » Sun Apr 27, 2008 11:25 pm UTC

Hi, I'm matt. I've lurked for a while here, and I've finally worked up the guts to post. I'm currently writing and planning to publish a novel.

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Postby capella » Sun Apr 27, 2008 11:32 pm UTC

Hello, I am a twenty four year old mathematics major at a relatively small university in a relatively boring part of the United States. There was a time when I competed with myself to increase my score on the Nerd Purity test and now I am competing with myself to turn all the nerdilicious geekification within me into some sort of gainful employment. I have a wide range of interests from science to sociology, religion to fecundity, and even the ever diluted outdoors.

For some random reason I felt like looking for a forum to participate in. My decision was made as soon as I found out that xkcd had a moderated forum. I'm looking forward to some good discussions here, especially in the Serious Business section :shock: . I think that I will be lurking for a little while longer before I start making any posts, unless a post really piques my interest enough to jump right in. We'll see, I suppose.

Thanks to the moderators - I can already tell from the rules that this is a well run forum - and thanks to everyone working to make the comic. I've had many a laugh and insight from reading xkcd!

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Postby BeetlesBane » Mon Apr 28, 2008 12:59 am UTC

Earlier today (my time) a link from /. left me in middle of these fora. Trying to figure out where (conceptually) I (sorry about the all caps there) was led me to a thread where I felt an urge to post -- hence registration. The handle BeetlesBane, a pun on my family name, is one I've used at several 3D sites.

In my 60's I'm sure to be one of the older posters here. Masters degree in math (thesis in topological algebra); having found myself to be a poor teacher in grad school, and with no potential non-teaching technical employment afterwards left me on the fringes of the tech community.

I'm a chess tournament director (currently certified at "senior level").

For EXCITING: a group of us, all students at the same very small college, found the walls moving in opposite directions while we were picking our way through a fault cavern (opened region inside a fault) -- yes it was an earthquake. Two days later, when we got back to campus, we found it was the shock waves from a major quake reaching our area. ie: I experienced the Anchorage Good-Friday quake from inside a fault :!: .

I still need to set up a profile, guess that's under the User Control Panel button.

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Postby michaelandjimi » Mon Apr 28, 2008 2:32 am UTC

AAAAAAAAH capella.

I'm so very sorry.

BeetlesBane - yes you are. Of the people who bothered to reply to the Age thread, you would be a good way into the top 1%. Sorry for making you feel old.
I am not familiar with this quake of yours, being ill-informed of current issues and from a different country. Have fun in the fora!
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Postby markchen » Mon Apr 28, 2008 4:27 am UTC

I know it's no longer required, but I guess that's not the same as not recommended.

I'm Mark Chen, second year of law school. Did the whole math and science thing in high school, was never really good at it but found it (and still find it) fascinating.

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Postby Feylias » Mon Apr 28, 2008 6:11 am UTC


Whoah sure boo tie she Juan paging.
"E" go die sue key.

E6 >= enough.

A cat never gave anyone a straight answer.

Brust may be brilliant, but Beagle's grasp of the human condition makes his books readable for a lifetime.

A classical education requires a basic understanding of what makes all categories of thought important. A liberal arts major with no scientific ability and a vocational school graduate who lacks the capability to write readable sentences or appreciate any poetry (or why Lost in Translation was wonderful) are both incomplete people. Yin, Yang, and Jung.

I judge you all from my ivory well.

Has moe, despite it's allure, ruined everything forever? Here's hoping it's only for the decade.

Thanks to all the gods that I committed my indiscretions on Fidonet, and not on Usenet or WWW.

I'm hungry, and so will seek to eat the best miso-ramen in the world for dinner. This self-indulgent drivel will thus be abridged.

Be well,


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Postby CircleTriangles » Mon Apr 28, 2008 7:41 am UTC

I mostly registered because this username is too good to go to waste -- it's only a matter of time before someone decides to try analyzing it. And I imagine the matter in that time will go down dramatically here.
We need to graph this shit!

Really, I was just being a 16-year-old smartass when I came up with the idea.

(Confession: Despite my harsh, uninviting exterior. The romantic ones are my favorites. =3)
The Scruffy-Haired Protagonist

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Postby arcsol » Mon Apr 28, 2008 8:43 am UTC

hi. i'm arc, from that beautiful-but-badly-mismanaged-by-politicos-and-an-overbearing-Church archipelago called the Philippines. i was supposed to post this earlier, but i fell asleep. and now after my daily dose of internet dickery, i'm officially doing what would be the equivalent of 'hello world'.

i'm a computer science student specializing in web-based systems from a state university , held back from the rat-eat-rat rat race with a thesis so badly coded i'm gonna throw it away after i'm through with it. you know how dr. frankenstein felt when the creature first moved? yeah, that's how i feel right now about my thesis. i wish my university gets more resources so that we can have cooler subjects than the run-of-the-mill database/system design, etc etc etc.

i've been reading xkcd for some time now, and if memory serves me well, after my first dose of xkcd i also read the entire archive in one sitting.

i'm a lefty guitar player (from not-so-good-a-player mold) and a very frustrated pianist. vienna teng is an idol of sorts for me - computer geek+kick-ass music sense==win.

i must say, this has got to be one of the coolest forums around. would i get a kick-ban if i were to say with a lot of wholesome admiration that we have a lot of aesthetically-pleasing female members around here? no? why thank you.

i'm gonna modify that profile page right about.... now.
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- Cromartie High

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Postby ZiGouNeT » Mon Apr 28, 2008 9:04 am UTC

Hi I'm Louis a 19 year old half French half Irish geek, and I'm really bored at work. I study computer science and I'm an intern for a very big, very evil, software corporation in Dublin at the moment. I've been reading the comic for a while, found it on slashdot. I got on the forums because I need something to do before I start eating my hand.

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Postby Emu* » Mon Apr 28, 2008 12:49 pm UTC


I'm Emyr, which is seldom pronounced correctly, and as such I am usually symlinked to "Emu". I've already posted a couple of times despite having read the rules about posting here first. Meh.

I do Webdev for moneys to buy food and beer whilst I study BSc Computer Science at Cardiff University. I got the work:studies:time balance completely wrong this year, so I'll be doing year 3 again next year, although without failing anything first due to excellent foresight and planning. :wink:

Things I am prone to discussing:
  • PHP
  • CSS/HTML/Browser hell
  • Java I will help you with homework, but I won't give you the actual answers. Natch.
  • Lolcode which I find muchly amusing, and home to make use of as soon as I learn to use VisualStudio
  • Battlefield 2142 and EA's persistent inability to provide a stable bug-free gaming experience. (feel free to PM me if you are also subject to this torture, I promise not to knife you in the first round I meet you)
  • Guitars
  • Cycling Track, MTB, Road...
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Postby vorpal » Mon Apr 28, 2008 12:56 pm UTC


I'm a cognitive and interactional linguist whose interests lie in, perception, cognition, attention, action and sense-making/meaning-creation - especially the joint/shared/social accomplishment of these phenomena. Also the natural world. And philosophy.

Something which I doubt I share with many other xkcd-ers is my feelings about research. Basically, I don't accept that (post-)positivism is the only legitimate epistemic/ontological foundation for a rigorous methodology. In fact I think that using post-positivism in the human/social/cognitive/interactional sciences tends to lead to bad quality theories because of the poverty of the types of evidence that they are based on. Instead, something like Pike's dialectic approach, or Garfinkle's ethnomethodological approach is far more useful. These are assertions of the primacy of empirical evidence, but critically empirical evidence that is taken in the full richness of its context and co-text. This is unlike post-positivistic research that takes analyst categories out of their context and then tries to claim that their conclusions are internally valid.

Vital statistics:
I am male, in my early twenties and live in Australia (though I hope to move (temporarily) somewhere in Europe in the near future - Max Planck institute at Nijmegen if fate is kind). I can sort of speak Spanish and Portuguese though these abilities are fading unfortunately.
I like cooking and gardening. I also like raves and dancing. And bushwalking and wine and travel and conversation and...
I have strong feminist beliefs. My more general political inclinations are inspired by a mix of anarchism, pacifism, syndicalism, communalism and taoism though overall I am strongly non-dogmatic. Basically I value a simple life and am more than happy with a vastly smaller disposable income than the average Westerner.

I am currently quite taken with Thomas' "do not go gently into that good night" and will end with the final stanza of that poem:

And you, my father, there on the sad height,
Curse, bless me now with your fierce tears, I pray.
Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
Due to the death of a Pitjantjatjara man named Ngayunya, the singular first person pronoun "ngayu" was tabooed and replaced by "nganku"; a subsequent death made "nganku" taboo, and therefore "ngayu" was revived.

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Postby Psudomorph » Mon Apr 28, 2008 2:41 pm UTC

I'm just your average uninteresting lurker. I rarely have anything that I feel is worthwhile to say, but I want an account ready for those times when I do.

Semi-relevant background info:
-College student, in the process of transferring into Computer Science, and hoping I have what it takes to get through it.
-A hermit who spends all his time on the computer. It's not that I hate the real world, it's just that it has a very limited, inconvenient interface.
-Not good at talking. I would elaborate on this, but I suddenly ran out of words...

Will add more here if I feel the need.

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Postby Anir » Mon Apr 28, 2008 5:42 pm UTC

I'm from India and am 26 years old. I have been reading xkcd for a long time and it really cracks me up. I spend most of my time in front of the computer. I love reading sci-fi, like programming and am sort of a movie buff. Currently suffering from penguinitis :wink: .

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Postby Completely Serious » Mon Apr 28, 2008 6:10 pm UTC

I'm Allen and I'm twenty. I also think I'm hilarious, but there are a lot of people who'd disagree, so. Then again everyone think they're funny.

I like reading, writing, and anything that has anything to do with the arts. Oh, I also really enjoy talking about myself(funny that)and making really obscure references. Or at least semi-obscure. I like routines and and bran along with other boring things. Oh and tea. Wait, that probably goes with "other boring things."

Oh man, do I like puns and irony. True irony, not the whole "I'm cool because I like things that are so not cool" irony. That just makes me mad. No, I'm talking about "A Modest Proposal" irony. It's not real irony if people can figure it out.

Thinking about things is usually just as much fun as doing them. Sometimes more. Yes, I realize how depressing that statement should be. But really, who actually wants to ride a rollercoaster? Much better in theory.

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Postby gnartoons.com » Mon Apr 28, 2008 7:06 pm UTC

Hey Party People,

My name's James and I'm 1/2 giant sloth and 1/2 hoovering flourescent trapezoid. I live in Eugene, OR and I enjoy strange comics on the internet, a lot. I really like web comics, please send me links to either hilarious, well-drawn, or excessively strange comics, I will love them for their intrinsic values. I also really like cereal and reggae, feel free to email me cereal, but I only really like 2% milk, you know, the good stuff. I'll email you some bacon flavored powerade in return, as i have aquired quite a surplus in recent months. I love all of you as if you were from my own loins.



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