Gourmet cuisine

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Gourmet cuisine

Postby Bondolon » Fri Aug 24, 2007 10:01 am UTC

Assuming there isn't one, and based off of the "cool ideas for absolutely anything" thread, I thought this might be an interesting thread.
Bondolon wrote:
ifeedlions wrote:I suggest you use tart tins with removable bottoms. A nice 3" tart is an attractive presentation for a cheesecake, and it is instant portion control... no one gets stuck with the little slice. I could give you some really badass chocolate crumb pastry recipes to use as a crust, should you be so inclined... cooking is kinda more my profession than it is my hobby.

I've done this, and it works. It only doesn't work for an actual cheesecake (instead of cheesecake tart). Cheesecake tarts are nice, and can be very presentable, but they just don't work for the big(literal big)-time.

edit: sometimes people like the "oh hey a slice of cake" (little do they know it's a freaking custard pie) feel. It's semi-professional for me too, as I am a blog journalist with a vegetarian cooking blog. I understand exactly that smaller presentation is nice, but there's something to be said of the illusion of a slice of the large.

edit2: I as well have a good recipe for a crust. It's a combination of cardamom, cinnamon and cream cheese. Little do people know that it's a freaking curry cheesecake, but I'm not about to tell them, since everyone I've talked to thinks it's awesome.

edit3: Actually, I suppose advertising a Curry-spice Cheesecake wouldn't exactly repel business, and since it's "Oh me yarm toatally rad" the curry part of it would be a "hey, we know of an underground kinda" thing. In any case, I invented it a few years ago, but apparently the powers that be still haven't taken note of cardamom.

Ifeedlions proposed a seemingly delicious chocolate cheesecake crust, and I thought that a thread about actual gourmet cuisine could be quite nice. Most recently, I've made a post about an African/Asia fusion peanut stew on my blog, and I wanted to know if anyone else was interested in truly gourmet cuisine.

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Postby Gordon » Fri Aug 24, 2007 10:07 am UTC

Bondolon wrote:Assuming there isn't one

Now, we all know what they say assuming. I assure you no one makes an ass out of me and gets away with it.

Anyway, there is already a thread about cooking and recipes and all that fun stuff you do in the kitchen with the oven and the fridge... (I eat out a lot, can you tell?).


In fact there's probably all kinds of other good recipes you can find in there.
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