A Review and High-Five

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A Review and High-Five

Postby DeniseMertz » Tue Aug 25, 2015 2:59 am UTC

How do you contact this guy? It took and act of congress just to get on this forum, but I have to say it somewhere. If your “people” read this Randall, at least they’ll enjoy the pithy review:
As you average armchair science lover who’s greedily read a few Theoretical Physics books fed to the masses devoid of deer-in-headlights math, I found this book to be delightfully enlightening. With a hint of online-social media-blog lazissez faire tone and hilarious stick figures, he coupled it with real science seamlessly. I wish all teachers had lectures this amusing. Maybe more would stay awake in class..and even get a B in quantum chemistry haha. The myriad of subjects touched could give a student extra credit in every science class taken.
The copy I have has more pages dog-eared than a kennel. I’ve been thumbing through the chapters learning and chuckling out loud all summer as I sit on the beach or in my front yard over-looking the photon-radiated mountains. He truly made “nerd” cool. Kudos. I don’t feel bad now when I get beat up by the outdated jocks.
The best part of the book is no chapter cliff-hangers. Skip ahead at will. If you like breezy, unpretentious science books for the masses that exclude “I’m so smart, read my intense theories” this book rocks. The intense others are enlightening as well to the science geek like me, but this is a breath of fresh air…If a sequel were written, which it should be, I’m afraid any question I pose would go to the kids table under the heading “weird and worrying questions”

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