Remember that one time there was a hash competition?

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Remember that one time there was a hash competition?

Postby coreyog » Mon Sep 21, 2015 8:36 pm UTC

First, a history:

April 1st, 2013 the Externalities comic was posted. Several pieces of the comic were influenced by external things from around the internet. The comic needed a university so to fill that the site ran a hash competition that I've never seen before or sense. A Skein 1024 hash output was posted in hex. You would submit an input and an .edu domain. Your input was hashed and compared to his hash. Its scored using your Hamming distance (how many bits were different between the two outputs?). The lower the better. Zero means you have an exact match. He closed down the competition after a week or so and apparently hardcoded the winner (Carnegie Mellon) into the comic. The subdomain doesn't even exist any more.

So I have recreated the site. Same hash, same (extremely) minimal design. Its as close as I can remember or research about the original. Put in a name and a value to be hashed. No accounts. If your input scores lower than that username's current score then the leaderboard is updated to show when you got that score. When I first found the original site, I jumped at creating a miner and raised my school's domain through the ranks. Now, any name will do. No requirements.

Please give it a shot. In the end I want to turn this site into an educational/interactive site for cryptocurrencies and crypto in general. The alpha is a nod to the original but more is coming. There's no ads or even google analytics. Just a preimage attack disguised as a game.

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