Eclipse 2017 sharing thread

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Eclipse 2017 sharing thread

Postby KnightExemplar » Tue Aug 22, 2017 7:48 pm UTC

I tried to take pictures with my camera phone. They are awful and I'm too ashamed to share them.

But I'll say that this was the first time I experienced totality, and it was totally worth the 12-hour drive there and 20-hour drive back. Holy crap, traffic was utterly terrible but I would do it again for the experience. There's nothing like totality.

Totality is very similar to "sunset", without any reddish hue. The world goes dark, and colors drain away from around you in a surreal way. A "standard sunset" slowly turns everything slightly red, before darkness hits. But the feeling of totality is like the world goes dark and lifeless. References to the apocalypse are very apt for the primal feeling in my gut during the event.


Anyone else have thoughts to share?

I noticed that this was posted in the "Trump" thread, possibly because of how Trump was looking at the Eclipse last week.

speising wrote:Might it matter that the corona isn't cool at all, but instead millions of kelvin hot? That should mean relatively more high energy radiation from that portion than from the whole of the sun.

The Corona is also spread throughout a much larger region. By my estimate, the Corona was maybe 2x out of the diameter of the Sun proper. The shear size of the "wisps" during the eclipse are something that cannot fully be captured by a camera. (Most of the camera shots I've seen have a much smaller size of these "wisps". It probably requires very careful tuning of the camera to really capture all the light)

I've looked it up, and it seems like you're right speising: the Corona has more energy than the sun's surface. However, I will say that my biological radiation detectors (aka: eyes) noted that the darkness was basically "night-time" during the 2-minutes of totality. Whatever was going on, it was dark as all hell and the Eclipse Glasses simply weren't working anymore. It was too dark to see Totality through Eclipse glasses, it is an event that can only be witnessed by the naked eye.

I'm guessing that maybe the Corona is spread out significantly, so while its at a higher temperature its spread out and therefore safe to look at.

I know NASA said to take off the eclipse glasses during Totality, so that's what I did. ... fety_2.JPG
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Re: Eclipse 2017 sharing thread

Postby Liri » Tue Aug 22, 2017 11:42 pm UTC

There's also a thread in the Science sub-forum. With pictures!
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Re: Eclipse 2017 sharing thread

Postby KnightExemplar » Wed Aug 23, 2017 9:09 am UTC

Liri wrote:There's also a thread in the Science sub-forum. With pictures!

Thanks, I'll go over there instead.


I'll request that this topic be locked, to help centralize the topics.
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