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Shirt Printing

Posted: Thu Jan 18, 2007 9:14 pm UTC
by Casey
So a really long time ago (like months or something), The Right Reverend Doctor Munroe and I discussed an alteration I had made to Just Alerting You for printing on a black t-shirt.

Warning: 1680x1245 image, 692k


Randall indicated that while it was fine to post the image where other xkcd readers could use and abuse it for their own shirts, he disagreed with my choice of printing services, because they make too much money to call it "noncommercial" and because their printing sucks. Thus, I can't tell you where to go to buy a shirt with this image.

After receiving the shirt, I must also disagree with my choice of printing service. The image has white fringes on every left edge, and the green combines poorly with the white.

So. Does anyone know of a good short-order printing service that will stamp this image reasonably well onto a black t-shirt, without charging a huge wad of cash?

Bonus points if they can put more than one "X" in front of the "L".


Posted: Thu Jan 18, 2007 9:23 pm UTC
by mwace
What company have you used for printing past tshirts, and how was your experience with them?

I'd be interested in hearing your results, given I'm considering priting shirts for my own website.

Posted: Thu Jan 18, 2007 9:41 pm UTC
by Casey
I've only used Cafe Press.

For simple, primary colors printed on white, they do well.

Stray from this formula, and your results become... unpredictable.

Also expensive.