The worst/most embarrassing moment in your life

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The worst/most embarrassing moment in your life

Postby RahulKolasseri » Mon Jul 20, 2009 1:01 pm UTC

Just what the title says, post that moment when you just wanted to be invisible

I was ~11, and it was close to the end of school(luckily), at ~1.30pm. I had a full bladder and accidentally ran into the female loo. The worst part? I realised this just as I went in and didn't dare walk out for the fear of being seen walking out of the girl's bathroom until about 4pm, when i was sure no-one was ouside.Luckily, no-one visited that bathroom during my 'stay' there.
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Re: The worst/most embarrassing moment in your life

Postby Dargon Cophe » Sun Aug 09, 2009 7:42 am UTC

Wow, I can top that.

I was on a date. I walked to the bathroom, washed my hands, and started to walk out when I noticed a strange metal box. I thought "Condom machine? At a theater?"

It was for tampons. I turned around, and some old lady was washing her hands, apparently oblivious to my presence. I quickly swooped out the door, and walked away with haste. My date asked "Did you just...?" I stopped her, "Please, don't ask."

Hell of a first date. This happened a week ago tonight. Shit.
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Re: The worst/most embarrassing moment in your life

Postby arkady » Sun Aug 09, 2009 11:28 am UTC

I'm pretty good at tapping people on the wrong shoulder. I find it's an amusing way to announce my arrival to friends (until they realise I'm the only person who does it).

I went to college with a girl named Sophie. She was very short - around 5' or 1.5m, and had waist length flaming red hair. We both took the train in and out of college, but different trains.

One morning I saw her standing, queuing for a coffee, and greeted her as described above. She looked round the wrong way, never having been a victim, and I stood looking expectant waiting for her to find me.

It. Wasn't. Her.

Poor lass - she just saw me grinning expectantly, then a look of fear, then I said "You're not Sophie!" She presumable thought "Well, duh." But I'd already run off...
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