Is Google a product or service?

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Is Google a product or service?

Postby Wayfarer247 » Sun Oct 17, 2010 10:01 pm UTC

Hey all, for marketing class we have to talk about a service. Mainly, what the service does, what the core service it provides and the supplementary services, and how that service markets. Of course, I was thinking of all the usual ones, hair salon, school, tech support, car repair shops, etc. I asked a friend, and he immediately said, "Google." And it struck me as odd that I hadn't thought of that.

So now I've been thinking, is Google really a service? Sure, it offers something intangible, so it's hard to say it's a Product, but then again, you can download things from Google (eg, Google Earth, Google Sketchup, Picasa.) I am more inclined to say that software is a product, even though you still can't touch it. Or would you consider software a service as well?

I'm curious as to what you have to say. Obviously some things out of Google aren't services, like the Nexus One, but the core of Google, Google Search, that's a service it's providing, right? Everything else is just supplementary? And if you had to describe what the Google Service did, would you just say search, or perhaps expand it more to what Google does in general? Own the Interent, rofl. :wink:

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Re: Is Google a product or service?

Postby CombustibleLemons » Sun Oct 17, 2010 10:27 pm UTC

Pretty sure Google is a company that provides products (Google Earth, Google Sketchup, Chrome) and services (Google search, Google ads). So Google it self is neither. I would suggest you focus on Google's search engine.
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Re: Is Google a product or service?

Postby Sir_Elderberry » Sun Oct 17, 2010 10:28 pm UTC

Google is a company, which provides both products (Earth, Picasa, etc) and services (search, mail, etc.) Software is a product, but you can't go buy Google's search software. They provide the service of using their software. -- Science and the Concerned Voter
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