Balance Sheets? (Amateur Financial Engineering ITT)

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Balance Sheets? (Amateur Financial Engineering ITT)

Postby Crotchfire » Fri Oct 29, 2010 8:07 pm UTC

Hi, so once again I apologize if I somehow missed the right place to put this. Now then;

I'm a graduate statistics student who has been dabbling in picking stocks and options over the past two months or so. I've devised a method of picking stocks (still in development) that so far has seen some pretty great results (I picked about 170 stocks over a month ago and they've outperformed the S&P500 and the DJI 4 weeks out of 5.

At this point I'm looking to go into some extensive backtesting of this method, preferably up to 10 years back; but there's a difficulty I've run into. My method is heavily reliant on having access to quarterly balance sheets, and I'm having difficulty finding balance sheets for every quarter of previous years.

Does anyone know where I could find these old balance sheets (preferably indexed by their stock symbols)? I mean, I could in theory find someone at each company with these things, but we're talking about 3800+ stocks... Even if it's a slow site that I have to download and parse page by page, that's still something that I could work with.

Any direction would be hugely appreciated!

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