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Re: Sleep-time holodeck experiences

Posted: Fri Sep 22, 2017 12:51 am UTC
by Magnanimous
This dream was a combination of a bunch of space sci-fi shows, like a Battlestargatetrek. Bunch of people on a big spaceship.

The ship was a big octohedron with some various features/protrusions on the sides. It could travel through hyperspace, but when it did the ship duplicated itself into eight different timelines (or eight realities converged, or something) that traveled different paths. The ship had a supercomputer to make sure that the ship wouldn't crash into itself during hyperspace travel, and there was a big screen that showed the simulation.

One of the characters was possessed by some kind of evil spirit, and he reported to the captain that the route was safe even though two ships would come within a few inches (plus margin of error). By the time this was discovered it was too late to stop moving. When the two ships were about to collide the evil character was standing right between them, monologue-ing about something, and the non-evil-possessed version of that character on the other ship was standing in the same place for some reason. When the ships passed within a few feet of each other, the characters bumped into each other and somehow ended up on each other's ships.

Once the hyperspace travel was complete some crew members wanted to punish the evil character for endangering them, but the captain pointed out that they have a version of the character who is innocent. The evil character was in a different reality that they had no way of reaching. The crew decided to treat the situation like the character had never been possessed by evil, and everything basically went back to normal.

Re: Sleep-time holodeck experiences

Posted: Fri Sep 22, 2017 5:13 am UTC
by addams
Well...That was an interesting Dream.
It seemed to take days or weeks.

I was back at University.
Not to learn academic lessons, but life lessons.

There was one beautiful polished Redwood hall.
When I first arrived, I walked; fast and steady. (the way ya' do.)
I found myself running and sliding in that hall. (It was great fun.)

Many little vignettes.
Some challenging.

A man yelled at me about not knowing about being black.
I learned to open an important door by kicking it 'right'.

I stumbled into a man's lovely art boxes, the paint was wet.
I help him and his girl friend set things right, again.

There were snakes I did not think much of, because they were fake.
They were really scary snakes when I learned they were real!

The dining room was elegant everyone in black and white.
I chose homemade peanut brittle and woke up hungry.

There were other vignettes.
I got tired, just like real university.

I woke up hungry.
Yey! Hungry is good.

Re: Sleep-time holodeck experiences

Posted: Fri Oct 20, 2017 3:00 pm UTC
by emceng
My father narrowly escaped being in two mass shootings. Then I was in one. There were at least two shooters. I stopped them, but got shot in the abdomen multiple times. Not a restful night.

Re: Sleep-time holodeck experiences

Posted: Fri Oct 20, 2017 5:26 pm UTC
by New User
I thought "not a restful night" was an understatement. Then I realized this is the dreams thread, so now I consider it apt.

Re: Sleep-time holodeck experiences

Posted: Sun Oct 29, 2017 7:49 pm UTC
by Coyne
Dreamed about being with a bratty kid in some kind of candy store. The kid wanted some kind of high-tech pink sucker, but I didn't get it then. Instead I came back later and got it as a surprise.

When I gave it to him, the kid lied that he had wanted a purple sucker. So I lied that there were no purple suckers left when I went back, sorry.

Recent dream

Posted: Mon Nov 13, 2017 4:42 pm UTC
by New User
It was a well-defined narrative, for a dream. A detailed description would be quite long. A teenage girl and boy got into a fight on Halloween, because the girl thought the boy murdered her friend. Nobody saw the girl again, and the boy wound up dead. Everyone in the town was convinced that the boy had murdered the girl, but her parents held on hoping that she was alive and had just left town, possibly since she had killed the boy. I was convinced that he had killed her, and disposed of her body in a sinkhole in a local swamp, which was known to lead to a cave. A week after Halloween, I told her father the whole truth of what I had witnessed that night, and showed him the location of the sinkhole. He convinced me to go into the cave and inspect it, so her remains could be discovered if it was true. As I entered the cave, I suddenly felt that I should have told someone sooner, because it became so obvious that he could have put her into the sinkhole alive. If that was the case, she could have died in there, but I could have saved her if I had told someone sooner. But I found her alive in the cave (actually an underground concrete building, as it turned out). She was happy to see me, with an attitude like, "I knew you'd come for me!" When I asked her what she'd eaten for that week, she said, "I ate an ice cream!" She was reunited with her parents after that.

Re: Sleep-time holodeck experiences

Posted: Tue Nov 14, 2017 8:28 pm UTC
by emceng
Was packing for vacation. Some stuff happened, but at one point went into my bedroom(nothing like my real life bedroom), and there was a huge tree in there. Not super tall, but large limbs all over, even near the ground. You owuld have to climb over or under them to get to the back of the room. I was thinking I should trim it back to be able to get around the room better, but had been too lazy to get it done.

Re: Sleep-time holodeck experiences

Posted: Sun Nov 19, 2017 1:40 pm UTC
by Coyne
I was looking at a piece of note paper hand drawn by a woman. It was a geometric proof that a certain function became chaotic after the value of 2. It was in the form of a circle containing a donut channel. The value of the function at any given point on the around the circumference was given by triangles that filled the donut within the wheel. For values up to 1, there was just one triangle, for values up to 2 there were several triangles the last of which just barely filled the Channel. For values after 2, triangles that comprised value didn't quite fill the Gap in the donut and so the values would be transcendental.

Yes, I know transcendental not equals chaotic. And I have no idea whether such a proof would be valid. But in the dream, the doctorate level professor that reviewed it thought it was correct,, and enthused over its elegance. Therefore I was very impressed. I like smart women.

Re: Sleep-time holodeck experiences

Posted: Sun Nov 19, 2017 2:07 pm UTC
by Soupspoon
What an saga, last night.

Possibly playing a video-game, a kind of Tower-Defence/Unit-build-and-deployment game, at one point, though for 'real', and then it morphed into a vehicle-driving game (weaponised vehicle, vs the same enemy as before), with the power-up option of sending an automated (or semi-automated) version of the vehicle ahead to clear the way and explode if found stuck in the midst of enemies. (It seemed to be flexibly a truck, a dune-buggy and other vehicles… The rule that it was whatever one's real, selectable, vehicle was when one unleashed it seemed to be broken quite regularly, rechoosing the 'real' vehicle would sometimes change it, instead...)

But one iteration did not explode, being unassailed, and so the doors open of the (at that point) truck/delivery van and it acts ljke a Clown Car, as many individuals exit, and the doors open the other way and the insides are different, eventually proving to be a bachelor-pad like inside with upper-class-twits (young) and authority figures like vicars (old) apparently up to their own things.

Then phase via a small interim to 'replayed footage' of a bus trip which promised (by the interim scene) to become a hilarious scene of interaction between two of the characters, except that this never happened, and instead it petered out as the fall-guy (actually an elderrly woman) got up to negotiate with the driver to drop her off at some touristic location, and he was suggesting that she instead go to Eric Morecambe Street (founded/named in the mid 19thC, apparently somewhere within the bounds of Greater London, though my impressions were that we had been in an unidentified Scottish city up until that point) because… of some reason I don't recall hearing justified prior to my awakening.

Very strange. Very vivid. Very much unlinked to my waking-time experiences, however much I try to work out the inspirations.

Re: Sleep-time holodeck experiences

Posted: Mon Nov 20, 2017 5:45 am UTC
by Billy5545
I have a dream that I remember from many days ago. Basically, the dream is that i was somehow in a beer cellar (like that one in a SpongeBob episode). Everything is green. Suddenly, a ghost with spooky face appeared in front of my eyes, scaring me