Help name my child!

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Re: Help name my child!

Postby webzter_again » Tue Jun 19, 2012 2:03 am UTC

I think a great, gender-neutral first name would be:

Doctor Snirsnaffensniggle, the Third

If that's not quite distinguished enough then how about

Geritol (although you might face some sort of trademark issue with this one, but it'd be worth it)

You could always go the Johnny Cash route and name the kid 'Ring of Fire'

I'm so awesome at naming things that my dog has 38 names! (no, not strung together, that'd just be silly)

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Re: Help name my child!

Postby AvatarIII » Tue Jun 19, 2012 10:10 am UTC

Coin wrote:My favourite gender neutral name is Kim.
Can't go wrong with a Kim.

I don't consider Kim gender neutral, I thought Kim Stanley Robinson was female for years.

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Re: Help name my child!

Postby MinotaurWarrior » Sat Jun 30, 2012 2:12 am UTC

Sheikh al-Majaneen wrote:

As someone who likes a lot of stoic ideas, I'm a big supporter of this name. It also just sounds cool, is derived from the adjective meaning "golden", and could be abreviated to "Orry", which sounds like a "normal" name. It's technically male, but only the most obnoxious sort of classics nerd would complain about that and actually get irritated, so who cares?

This may be objectionable to you, but ever sense I read the pentateuch for kicks and giggles a few years back, I've really been in love with the idea of Israel as a name for a person. It's a big fantasy trope to have your character get re-named after a major struggle, but wow, the Patriarch Jacob really pulled it off with style. That's just a really cool story, and the meaning behind the name is just pure bad-ass. "Hello, I'm (s)he who fought god and survived" Plus it sounds cool, and despite how short it is, it can be abbreviated in many different ways.

Plasmic-Turtle wrote:'Sage'

I also support this one

Other cool names include:

Cicero (pronounced ki-KER-o!)
Trismaginthus (a title applied by occultists to Hermes. Means "Thrice-Great" and sounds cool)

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Re: Help name my child!

Postby Djehutynakht » Sat Jun 30, 2012 3:38 am UTC

Well if it was a girl you could change "Aurelius" to "Aurelia". I know an Aurelia. Very successful.

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