Managing many different reverse ssh tunnels

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Managing many different reverse ssh tunnels

Postby zenten » Thu Aug 08, 2013 7:39 pm UTC

So where I work we're switching over our main server product from an old Unix flavour to Linux. We'll be offering it for Red Hat or CentOS (customer's choice) 6.4. Since we currently have had issue getting our customers setting up port forwarding correctly for the servers I am wanting to set up a reverse ssh tunnel to a central server on our end for each server for us to access it.

I know how to set up one reverse ssh tunnel, but what I'm trying to figure out a good way to manage all these different connections. We'll likely be having 1-4 servers per customer (depending on the customer), and probably over 20 customers in the near future, and hopefully many more than that depending on how business goes. The less specific steps needed per new server set up (as in things that can't just be scripted) the better.

Anyone ever done something like this?

Also, any other tips to make administering these servers that doesn't involve a cost that we would have to pass to each customer? Buying a product or service is fine, but we probably can't justify internally something that has a significant markup for each remote server we manage, and it would have to work on both Red Hat and CentOS equally for the remote server, and we're using Red Hat on our end.

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