Questions with pfSense and FreeNAS

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Questions with pfSense and FreeNAS

Postby eararipe » Thu Mar 12, 2015 11:09 am UTC

Hello everyone, thank you in advance for any help provided. I have some questions on configuring pfSense IPSec and LDAP authentication to FreeNAS. I couldn't find help on pfSense's forums and I thought I'd try here.

On IPSec:

I configured a working IPSec VPN for iOS and OS X according to the tutorial, sending all traffic through and providing the virtual address pool However, the OS X client had a static LAN IP and VPN would not work with it, removing the entry made it work.

I would like to modify the settings in order for the VPN clients to reside on the same subnet as local clients with the same static DHCP address. Alternatively, the client could have a static IP when local and dynamic when remote, as long as it receives LAN mDNS broadcasts. Is that possible?

On regards to LDAP authentication, I'm completely lost. I just want that pfSense accounts to be used for FreeNAS authentication.

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