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301 redirects, and nginx

Posted: Mon Dec 12, 2016 6:54 am UTC
by quantropy
I've registered a domain with, and use their domain redirection to do a 301 redirect to a domain hosted by a different company. However, within the last few weeks this seems to have stopped working, in that only the bare domain is redirected, if anything follows it then a 404 is generated. (i.e. domain.tld is redirected to newdomain.tld, but domain.tld/about.html gives a 404 response). say that the redirection of the bare domain name is working, and any other problems must be at the destination server, but if the servers are issuing the 404 response then clearly this is nonsense.

Now in Apache a 301 direct is straightforward enough

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RewriteRule  (.*)          http://www.newdomain.tld$1
but it could be done incorrectly so that only the bare domain is redirected.
However, seem to use nginx. So my questions are:

1:What could have done to their nginx settings to cause this? and
2:Is it likely that they would have done this? Presumably any changes would have affected a large number of sites which would suddenly have stopped working, but I don't see any howls of protest.