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Choosing an internal HD / enclosure

Posted: Thu Jul 10, 2008 12:36 am UTC
by Gadren
Since my entire life is currently only on a laptop, I'm wanting to get some sort of backup solution. I'm going to go with an internal hard drive in an enclosure, and just wanted confirmation on my choice.

Here's the HD I'm thinking of getting.

And here's the enclosure.

The enclosure has an eSATA port, but my laptop doesn't have an eSATA port. However, the enclosure does have Firewire which my laptop can do. I'm wondering if SATA is still better than IDE, even if I have to use Firewire for the connection (there is an IDE version of the aforementioned enclosure if you think IDE is a better choice).

So I guess I'm just wondering if this looks good to you.

Re: Choosing an internal HD / enclosure

Posted: Thu Jul 10, 2008 10:42 am UTC
by zero10
I don't know anything about that enclosure. Only 2 things really matter (to me at least) when selecting an external HDD enclosure:
1) cooling, is there a fan or other means of dispersing the heat the hard disk will create? Most people tuck these things away in a desk somewhere and the hard disks inside will get much hotter than they are ever intended to. This greatly increases the failure rate of the disks inside
2) What controller does it use? I don't know what controller that particular enclosure uses so I can't answer this either.

Regarding the SATA vs IDE comment, SATA is faster, end of argument. Doesn't matter if it's connected by usb, e-sata, firewire, always pick a SATA drive, they are far more future-proof and lots of manufacturers won't make their higher-end drives with IDE interfaces. To me the price seems a bit high on the 500GB drive, from NCIX you can get some 500GB drives in the sub-$70 range, but for some reason the pricing on their US site is a bit higher. Don't know if that helps you or not.

Cliffs notes: Get the SATA drive and if that's the cheapest you can find that drive then get it, but I'd pick another enclosure since that one is both fanless and mounts the drive on grommets so it won't disperse the heat through direct contact either

Just my 2 cents