Installing Windows on a Mac with no CD drive

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Installing Windows on a Mac with no CD drive

Postby pastrybot » Sun Jan 25, 2009 4:54 am UTC

So, I have a MacBook Pro with a busted CD drive and I'm looking to install Windows to satisfy some of my gaming needs. (Yes, I have other computers, but their graphics cards aren't really going to work - and I'm way too cheap to go buy a new one.)

I've tried multiple things like dding a Windows install ISO to a USB stick, and trying to boot from that: no luck. I've also tried other things like mounting a partition in VMWare Fusion and installing from ISO to my physical hard drive, but the installer didn't like that. So, any suggestions?
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Re: Installing Windows on a Mac with no CD drive

Postby hotaru » Sun Jan 25, 2009 8:20 am UTC

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Re: Installing Windows on a Mac with no CD drive

Postby laserbeen » Fri Jan 30, 2009 1:31 am UTC

I recently managed to install OS X 10.4 onto my powerbook without using the CD drive.. this method may work for windows as well. It involves copying the installation disc to a partition on your hard drive, then booting from there.

- Create a disc image of the installation disc on another computer, and copy it to your macbook.
- Repartition your hard disk using Disk Utility. You'll need to create a partition for the install disc, and another for Windows itself. eg:
Partition 1 (OS X)
Partition 2 (Windows install disc) 700mb (or whatever size the disc image is... you can delete this partition once it's all up and running)
Partition 3 (Windows)
- In Disk Utility, select the installation partition (Partition 2 above) on the left, and go to the Restore tab. Select the windows disc image as the source, then drag Partition 2 into the destination box. Click restore.
- Once that's completed, reboot, and hold down Option to get the list of boot drives. You should be able to boot from the installation partition.

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