PS3 playing video files from ReadyNAS Duo?

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PS3 playing video files from ReadyNAS Duo?

Postby yazdi » Fri Mar 27, 2009 11:42 am UTC

I'm not entirely sure if this is the right forum, but since the post isn't really about games I believe it fits best here.

I own a Netgear ReadyNAS Duo and would like to play video files from it on my TV over some sort of streaming client. My main criteria for this were price and that it should be reasonably silent.

At the moment it appears that the PS3 would be my only option, but I'm not sure wether that works properly as there apparently have been at least some compatibility problems in the past. Unfortunately my google-fu is weak and I couldn't find any recent reports on whether that works or not.

Does anyone use this combination or can anyone suggest something better?

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