Converting flv files to avi.wmv on ubuntu.

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Converting flv files to avi.wmv on ubuntu.

Postby Buddha » Wed May 12, 2010 12:32 am UTC

Does any one know a good program for this, preferably one that doesn't require use of terminal?

i want to convert files I get from download helper into files I can put on my zune.
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Re: Converting flv files to avi.wmv on ubuntu.

Postby phlip » Wed May 12, 2010 2:01 am UTC

FFMpeg/MEncoder are pretty good. They are terminal programs, but I'm sure there's heaps of graphical front-ends for them. Or there's heaps of step-by-step instructions on the net that'll tell you exactly what to enter in the terminal to get it to work.

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Re: Converting flv files to avi.wmv on ubuntu.

Postby portentum » Wed May 12, 2010 2:06 am UTC

Avidemux should do what you want, and is pretty straight forward. I think it even has some presets for things like the iPod and Zune.

edit: there seems to be an issue with the options in the Auto menu in the GTK version, with the Qt version working fine. If you choose to use Avidemux you'll want to go with the Qt GUI.

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Re: Converting flv files to avi.wmv on ubuntu.

Postby J the Ninja » Wed May 12, 2010 6:03 am UTC

Which Zune? If it's a gen 2, you also have H.264/AAC support, so Handbrake will also work. It gives you a handy GUI frontend to ffmpeg and x264, and should do the trick nicely. If you have a Zune 30 though, you'll need to use AVI/WMV, and we are back to sqaure one.
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Re: Converting flv files to avi.wmv on ubuntu.

Postby soban » Tue Jun 29, 2010 1:08 pm UTC

Try use the program Flash To Video Encoder.

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Re: Converting flv files to avi.wmv on ubuntu.

Postby keeperofdakeys » Wed Jun 30, 2010 10:09 am UTC

FFmpeg is what you want, but you'll need to find a gui.
1. Try going to synaptic package manager, or install application and search for ffmpeg. That should turn up some guis.
2. Try googling linux ffmpeg guis.

You probably don't want avidemux, as this would be slow (you need to do each file separately).

Also, when the following command is run in a terminal, it will convert ALL files named .flv in the current directory into .wmv files. Tell me if you need any settings twerked. (You'll need to download ffmpeg for this, through ubuntu application manager).

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for file in *.flv; do ffmpeg -i "$file" -y -qscale 10 -vcodec wmv2 -acodec wmav2 -ab 92000 -ar 44100 "${file}.wmv"; done

The number after qscale will decrease quality and file size when increased, and will increase quality and filesize when decreased (so 5 will give better quality but bigger file size, 15 will give lower quality but bigger file size). Also the -y means files will be overwritten, if you run it again.
(I assume you know how to tell that the terminal is in a certain folder / how to change it)

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