Hard Lock on new computer

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Hard Lock on new computer

Postby Meem1029 » Sun Nov 11, 2012 8:00 pm UTC

So I just built my new computer for the first time and yesterday had a problem with it. When I was playing minecraft, it hard locked (pretty sure this is the right term from what I've been able to see. It stopped responding to everything, the screen stayed exactly as it was and the audio just played the same <1s over and over). I had this happen on my old computer a few times, but was pretty sure that was from things overheating but this time I did a very informal check (took the side of the case off and got my hand close to feel if anything seemed overly warm) and it seemed very cool. I started it up again and played far too many hours of various games and didn't have a problem. This is with Windows 8. One thing I did was make sure that I went and downloaded the drivers from AMD instead of using the autodetected ones.

Does anyone have any idea what might have caused this or things I could do to make sure I have more information if it happens again?

Also on a probably unrelated problem, when my computer goes into sleep mode when I try to bring it out I don't get any video output but my case seems to think that it's on just fine (power light goes on, fans go to their normal speed). Is this a setting I messed up with Windows 8 or a hardware issue and any ideas of what to do to fix it?
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Re: Hard Lock on new computer

Postby undecim » Mon Nov 12, 2012 4:31 pm UTC

Hard locks are usually caused by hardware/driver issues. Run memtest to check your ram, try a different video card if you happen to have one and try to reproduce the problem (or remove the video card and use the motherboard's onboard card if it has one)

I've also had this problem from overclocking AMD processors (latest one I've had this issue with is an AMD Phenom Black, but I think it was a Linux-only issue).

Check any other peripheral hardware (i.e. any other PCI cards), by removing them and trying to reproduce the problem.

And also update all your drivers, with the drivers available from the vendor if possible.
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