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Re: Therian Saga

Posted: Thu Jan 08, 2015 6:51 pm UTC
by Deva
Wrote a guide for house reputations.

Note: May not list all possible options. Offers additional checks through Cerrydwen, Yraen, Mister Golem, and Rowan sometimes. Denoted reputation gains from options in parentheses beside it. Chose not to list gold and Foggy Pearl rewards.

Entering Norstria
Requirements: 20 Sea, 75 gold, and Cerrydwen.

Go to the docks in Maliken Harbor. Choose the Runic Arrow tab. Accept and complete “Norstrian Adventure” for 75 gold. Set sail.

Pick up “Some Low Smuggling”.

Skill check: pass one.
- Cerrydwen
- 20 Sea + 35 Leadership (+1 Soriason)
- 20 Sea + 30 Commerce (+1 Vinnerson)
- 20 Sea + 30 Spying (+1 Caleron)

Continue sailing. Take “The Plot Thickens”.

Skill check: pass one.
- Cerrydwen
- 20 Snow + 45 Exploration (+1 Soriason)
- 20 Snow + 38 Spying (+1 Caleron)
- 20 Snow + 30 Commerce (+1 Vinnerson)

Continue onwards. Grab “Suspicious Disappearance” and “Awkwardness”.

Skill check: pass one.
- Cerrydwen
- Combat
- 10 Sea + 35 Spying (+1 Soriason)
- 10 Sea + 40 Hunting (+1 Caleron)

Combat option:
- Three "Suspect". 40/30/30 offenses. 38/40/32 defenses.
- One "Head of Suspects". 62/66/63 offenses. 52/63/65 defenses. Intelligent.

Move to the next spot. Pick up “The Mocking Falconer”.

Skill check: pass one.
- Cerrydwen
- 10 Snow + 40 Leadership (+1 Jotungar)
- 10 Snow + 30 Commerce (+1 Vinnerson)
- 10 Snow + 32 Spying (+1 Caleron)

Leads to Noroft Port. Earns +1 Vinnerson, also.

Land requirements: 41 Urban, 45 Forest, 25 Sea, and (preferably) 50 Snow.

Begin in Halmvik (87, 285). Take “My Eyes and Ears” at Builders’ Road.

White Hobrad skill check: 40 Urban + [38 Hunting OR 35 Spying OR 38 Leadership + 10 gold]
Historic Hobrad skill check: 25 Spying OR 35 Archeology OR 38 Leadership + 5 gold. No land requirement.
Superior Hobrad skill check: 41 Urban + [5 Nordic Agreement OR 35 Archeology + 2 gold OR 32 Spying]

Return to Builders’ Road. Complete the quest. Accept “The Right to Information”. Explore at (74, 302) for Molins’ Ruins. Take “Pass the Gate”.

Skill check: One Recognition OR 50 Snow + [46 Commerce + 50 gold OR 40 Archeology OR 38 Spying]

Enter Molins’ Ruins. Move to A4 (the leftmost tent circle). Grab “With Discretion”. Sail to Maliken Harbor.
Optional: Unseal the letter (45 Spying).

“Dear friend, your last poem on fear of loneliness did touch me deeply. Unfortunately, I think you were right. Age and distance may tear us apart, but the future and the past are only a perception of our spirits. I’m sending you my heart, from this end of the world to the other, wishing to bring you a little comfort… But knowing that the worst is yet to come. Please say hello to your brother for me.

PS: When you’re back in Norstria, we’re gonna take a walk near the Poets’ sanctuary. I’m sure we’ll find there what we’re looking for.”

Reseal it with 45 Spying + 3 gold.

Take and complete “Receipt of a Letter”. Trek back to Molins’ Ruins.
Optional: Open the response. Requires 45 Snow + 45 Spying.

“What you say warms my heart! I can’t wait to take the Feralis and cover you with kisses. Unfortunately, I have to make sure I’ve closed some doors before I leave, and make sure my brother understands my decision. So I’ll see you at the next full moon. PS: Of course, I can’t wait to walk along the sea near our sanctuary.”

Reseal it afterwards.

Complete “With Discretion”. Enter the cabin. Search the room. Accept and complete “A Matter of Trust”. Take “The Trap”.

Travel to the Long Hobrad in Halmvik. Grab “Reconstructing the Past”, followed by “Counterfeit the Fog”. Explore for Farlamburg at about (70, 294). Accept “Weasel Hunt”. Move to about (77, 289).

Skill check: Combat OR 30 Snow + [48 Hunting OR 48 Leadership + 10 gold].

Return to Farlamburg. Turn in “Weasel Hunt”. Get “Fog Essence”. Explore at approximately (155, 252) for Gilfaniel’s Laboratory. Prepare for combat. (Contains relatively easy monsters, except for Oroglodyte.)

Gilfaniel's Laboratory Marked.png
Gilfaniel's Laboratory Marked.png (193.04 KiB) Viewed 24058 times

Finds Gilfaniel’s Essence at B2. Turn in the quest back at Farlamburg. Go to Halmvik afterward to hand over the Forged Fog. Complete “Reconstructing the Past” next. Leads back to Molins’ Ruins to finish “The Trap”.

Reward: 10 Soriason and the 40 Soriason vendor.

Speak with Aelyn Soriason at Molins’ Ruins for “Hidden Knowledge”. Explore for Fortified Creek near (82, 304). Sail to Frederica Soriason’s Residence (25 Sea + 40 Urban). Get “Titanic Presence”. Sends you back to Lanfar. Obtain at least two signatures. Rewards 1 Soriason, 3 gold, and 12 Foggy Pearls for the third.

1. Torten Camp (Whispering Forest). Complete “Studies of the Titans”. Easy.
2. Kor Shelian’s Cabin (Huntingwood). Get “Don’t Dig up the Skeletons”. Skill check: 20 Urban + [60 Blunt Offense OR 48 Leadership OR 45 Archeology]. Complete their quest.
3. Den’s Academy (The Den). Accept “The Research of Frederica Soriason”. Skill check: 30 Urban + [40 Spying OR 50 Leadership OR 45 Archeology]. Finish that quest.

Return to Frederica Soriason’s Residence. Turn in the quest. Take “I Lost My Research” and “Awakening Consciences”. Important: Cannot hand in the third signature after completing “I Lost My Research”.

Go to Halmvik. Complete “The Right to Information”. Get “Showdown” in White Hobrad.

Reward: 2 Recognitions.

Explore for Aifaran’s Laboratory near (40, 305). Prepare for combat. Appears in groups of two to five. Noticed more frequent and severe encounters in the first two spaces (out of four). Tip: Flee repeatedly, if necessary. Encounters nothing after enough tries. Should be possible for all characters, even unarmored. Bring a Regeneration Ampoule of any strength. Requires probably 0.1 energy for a choice.

Aifaran's Laboratory Marked.png
Aifaran's Laboratory Marked.png (228.14 KiB) Viewed 24058 times

- Troglowolf. 48/58/42 offenses. 58/62/38 defenses.
- Mud Elemental. ~50 Blunt Offense. Roughly 62/57/55 defenses. Receives 50% less damage for five turns.
- Zompak. ~50 Blunt Offense. Roughly 55/65/45 defenses.
- Demolisher. High offense. Low(er) slashing defense. Receives and inflicts extra damage.
- Snow Assassin.

Reach B1 (Star). Take “A Bad Deal”. Must select combat, Councilor Vinnerson, or Councilor Caleron. Costs twenty-five gold for combat or fifty for either councilor. No skill or land check.

Combat option: 3.3 effort.
- Troglodyte Cultist x2: 58/31/27 offenses. 48/37/32 defenses.
- Avant-Gardist: 32/37/36 offenses. 32/46/46 defenses. Intelligent (5).
- Ingvaria Softshadow: 57/58/70 offenses. 56/66/78 defenses. Intelligent. Deals +30% damage.

Important: Choose carefully. Does not know combat’s reward. (Appears to select Vinnerson.) Unlocks a source of reputation turn-in items for the faction you select.

Rale Caleron’s Estate: 32 Forest + 25 Spying + 5 gold for 1-2 Criminal Pacts. (41 minute action. 1 day, 17 hour, 40 minute cooldown.)

Jeniva Vinnerson’s Estate: 32 Snow + 25 Commerce + 5 gold for 1-2 Ancestral Dice. (Same times as above.)

Complete “A Bad Deal”. Return to Halmvik to finish “Showdown”. (Awards fifty gold.) Sail back to Frederica Soriason’s Residence for her quest.

Reward: Plan: Telluric Sanctuary, Infranos: Samponar (with twenty actions of 55 Engineering on a one day, three hour, forty-six minute cooldown), and the Metascience trade (119 effort. Must train Science to see).

Travel back to Molins’ Ruins. Finish “Hidden Knowledge”, and then “Rale Caleron’s Gratitude” (or Jeniva Vinnerson, depending on your choice).

Reward: 10 Soriason, Tracing: Rune: Lith, 2 Recognitions, and either an Ancestral Dice or Criminal Pact location.

Land Requirements: 42 Snow, 45 Forest, and 50 Mountain.

Explore at approximately (56, 305) for Collapsed Mine. Accept “Dominate the Market”, then “Top Quality Laborers”. Explore at about (117, 283) for Forgiveness Domain.

Quests: “Buy the Bearskin”, “Wake the Sleeping Fox”, “Flight of the Owls”, and “Turn the Turtle Over”.

Buy the Bearskin
- 55 Leadership
- 45 Hunting
- Combat.

Combat option:
- Four Repentant Bear. 45/35/0 offenses. 45/40/46 defenses. Might have Vigor (+20% damage dealt) (2).
- One Knight Repentant Bear. 0/45/50 offenses. 54/64/68 defenses. Intelligent. Protection (-50% damage taken).

Wake the Sleeping Fox
- Four Nordic Agreements
- 45 Botany
- 40 Engineering

Flight of the Owls
Explore for Poets’ Sanctuary at (151, 292). Read the poem. Get “A Rich Poet”. Go to Halmvik. Acquire and complete “A Course on Therian Ghosts” for four gold. Return to Poets’ Sanctuary. Turn in the quest and get “Poet’s Treasure”.

Wander back to Halmvik. Complete that quest. Choose either Unearth the Treasure or Search for Filardent’s Treasure. Rewards loot either way. (Recommends the honest option (Search for Filardent's Treasure). May or may not receive runes otherwise.) Turn it in at Forgiveness Domain.

Turn the Turtle Over
Go to Halmvik. Skill check:
- 38 Spying
- 40 Leadership + 4 gold
- Combat + 4 gold.

Combat option: three Brute of the Encounter. 53/51/50 offenses. 50/35/35 defenses. Intelligent.
Note: Dropped five Criminal Pacts, a Silk Fabric, a Lithosnow Stone, Rudimentary Steel Scale Arms, and the quest item.

Explore for Woodland Embassy at approximately (155, 257). Give them the package. Return to Forgiveness Domain.

Revisit Collapsed Mine after doing all four quests. Exchange your old quest for “Pawns in the Game”. Go to Halmvik. Pick up “Tracking Missions”.

(92, 301): 30 Snow + [42 Commerce OR 52 Botany OR 48 Engineering]
(78, 292): 30 Snow + [44 Hunting OR 40 Carpentry OR 35 Masonry]
(96, 282): 30 Snow + [48 Hunting OR 48 Exploration OR 40 Spying]
(55, 290): Combat OR 42 Snow + [52 Exploration OR 48 Taming]

(Combat option): Four 48-53 Blunt Offense Nasty Hipporage with Intelligent (3) and Vigor (+70% damage) (5). 55/40/60 defenses.

Return to Halmvik, then Collapsed Mine.

Take “The Laws of the Market”. Go to Noroft Port. Grab “The Big Interception”. Board the Fighting Otter.

Skill check: Combat OR 20 Sea + [30 Sea OR 40 Spying].

Combat option:
- Three Sailor. 40/35/35 offenses. 40/40/40 defenses.
- One Charivari Berserker. 0/81/0 offenses. 50/73/58 defenses. Vigor (+70% damage dealt) (5).
- One Charivari Captain. 67/62/83 offenses. 67/64/70 defenses. Intelligent. Protection (-70% damage taken)

Complete the quest at Noroft Port. (Sidenote: Unlocks the Ancestor boss at Falreich Creek.) Travel back to Collapsed Mine to end the questline.

Reward: 20 Jotungar, Tracing: Rune: Eli, and two Recognitions.

Recruiting Rowan
Land requirement: 30 Snow and 58 Urban.

Explore for Halmvik near (87, 285). Go to High Hobrad for “The Assassination of the Hedgehog” quest. Finds the upcoming skill checks in Halmvik.

Skill check: 42 Urban + [32 Archeology + 4 gold OR 38 Exploration + 4 gold OR 35 Hunting]

Skill check: Pass four of the following:
- 40 Urban + 30 Leadership
- 40 Urban + 33 Leadership + 4 gold
- 42 Urban + 25 Leadership
- 44 Urban + 33 Leadership + 4 gold
- 45 Urban + 40 Leadership
- 46 Urban + 40 Leadership + 5 gold
- 46 Urban + 40 Leadership + 3 gold

Turn it in. Get “Survey in the Lower Depths”. Go to Builders' Road (in Halmvik). Accept "Help the Investigators?".

Skill check: Pass one of the following (no Urban on any):
- Cerrydwen + 8 gold
- 50 Leadership + 5 gold
- 40 Spying

Accept “The Entrance to the Lower Depths”. Speak with Aeyoa LLywyn in the other tab for "About a Certain Key". Bounces around Halmvik next.

Steps: About a Certain Key -> Sign of the Bull (Builders’ Road) -> A Bull? (Travelers’ Hobrad) -> Sign of the Cuckoo (Lower Hobrad) -> Sign of the Dove (Silvery Hobrad).

Complete "About a Certain Key". Give that to Arancor Pelsomir one tab over for "The Entrance to the Lower Depths". Travel to Vernarson Farm. Consult the following map. (Click it twice for a larger view.)

Lower Depths Map V3.png

Lower Depths monsters: (Warning: May be out of date.)
- Albino Wyvern: 48/62/29 offenses. 51/48/62 defenses.
- Fugitive: 44/45/42 offenses. 48/43/44 defenses.
- Sleepwalker: 66/0/0 offenses. 53/62/27 defenses. Receives 80% extra damage for three rounds.
- Gargkulis Polaris: 51/52/0 offenses. 46/41/32 defenses.
- Abominus Carferus: 43/50/42 offenses. 45/51/38 defenses.
- Snow Assassin. 30/46/43 offenses. 45/43/37 defenses. Might inflict 20% additional damage.
- Praius Omnis (rare): 58/67/68 offenses. 77/76/63 defenses. Intelligent. Comes with other modifiers sometimes too (both helpful and harmful).

Skill check: 58 Urban + [50 Engineering OR 44 Archeology OR (probably) 40 Leadership + Mister Golem (companion)]
Skill check: 50 Urban + [40 Spying OR 60 Blunt Offense OR 48 Leadership].

Note1: Received two Dead Rune: Psy for the check one’s 44 Archeology option.
Note2: Cannot see the second check’s 48 Leadership option until after completing the check prior.

Complete “My Capture”. Return to the entrance. Get and complete “The Right Thing” near the entrance. Head to High Hobrad in Halmvik. Turn in “Survey in the Lower Depths”. Optional: Finish “The Brigands of the Lower Depths” for a Lower Depths boss.

Reward: 2 Recognitions and Lower Depths boss.

Stroll to Builders’ Road. Complete “Shake the Assassin’s Hand”.

Reward: Rowan and Tracing: Rune: Pyr.

Land requirements: 60 Forest, 44 Snow, and 58 Urban (for Rowan. Otherwise, 54 Urban).
Item requirements: 15 Valerian, 15 Bormadar Empty Vial, 40 Barkhein Meat, 30 Chanderian Plank, [30 Volcazu OR 50 Bear Meat], and 1 Healing Vial.
Companion requirement: Rowan

Begin in Snow Star (136, 273) in Forest of the Last Assault. Grab “The Price of Peace”, followed by “Confirm Friendships”, “Let’s Not Be Afraid of the Wolves Any More”, and “The Butterfly Ball”.

Confirm Friendships
Go to Woodland Embassy (155, 258) in Jotun Forest. Accept “Poachers of Jotun”. Explore at around (155, 268) for Hunter’s House. Take “Phantoms of the Jotun Forest”. Move to the Heart of Jotun.

Skill check: 60 Forest + [48 Taming OR 48 Botany OR 50 Alchemy OR 55 Exploration]

Tip: Grind Forest through encounters at Woodland Embassy (70 Forest) and Heart of Jotun (60). Prepare to die repeatedly. Sleep at Eufelburg at (161, 248).

Complete “Phantoms of the Jotun Forest”, then “Poachers of Jotun”. Head to Eufelburg next. Take “A Peaceful Forest”.

Skill check: 49 Urban + 5 gold + [40 Commerce OR 48 Leadership OR 45 Botany OR 60 Leadership].

(Note: Awards two activated Stra Latent runes shortly after choosing 60 Leadership. Received four gold for “Agreement with Cohana” after choosing Botany, in comparison.)

Finish the Agreement quest, then “A Peaceful Forest”.

Let’s Not Be Afraid of the Wolves Any More
Begin at Farlamburg (66, 293). Take “Whispering into Wolves’ Ears”. Finds the appropriate factions without exploring.

(44, 308): Provisions. 40 Barkhein Meat.
(44, 308): Hitch. 30 Chanderian Plank.
(48, 299): Summer’s End. 15 Valerian and 15 Bormadar Empty Vials.
(48, 299): Spring Harvest. 30 Volcazu.

Ends this section with those items. No Volcazu? Permits an alternate path.

Take “Don’t Fear the Wolves” from Farlamburg. Explore for Lupuntars’ Fortress (46, 303) in Starfield. Grab “Mysterious Footprints”. Walk to Site of the Massacre.

Skill check: 44 Snow + [46 Hunting OR 50 Exploration OR 38 Leadership + Yraen]

Backtrack to Lupuntars’ Fortress. Finish that quest and accept “The Man Hunter”. Explore at (49, 311) for The Forbidden Gardens.

Skill check:
Option 1: Combat at The Forbidden Gardens. Advises against it.
Option 2: Go to Farlamburg. Pass a 42 Urban + [50 Botany OR 40 Leadership + 10 gold] check. Use the poison and 50 Bear Meat at The Forbidden Gardens (no check).

Hand in the quest at Lupuntars’ Fortress. Take “Captured”.

Skill check: 5 Nordic Agreements OR 50 Forest + [44 Spying OR 46 Taming].

Complete it. Accept “Save Raya the She-Wolf”. Travel to Farlamburg. Finish “Don’t Fear the Wolves” and snag “Kidnapped Lupuntar” for Tracks in the Snow’s location. Go there.

Skill check: 43 Snow + 35 Exploration.

Go to Silvery Hobrad in Halmvik. Get and complete “Identify a Jewel”. Switch to Travelers’ Hobrad. Take “A Lesser Evil”. Bounce to the Superior Hobrad.

Skill check: Nothing (+1 Vinnerson) OR 41 Urban + 15 Spying (+1 Caleron).

Finish “The Lesser Evil”. Go to Lupuntars’ Fortress. Complete “Save Raya the She-Wolf”, then “Gratitude”.

Reward: Tracing: Rune: Lect and the Lupuntar Rune action (50 Forest + 40 Archeology with a 20.75 hour cooldown).

Bypasses the Volcazu requirement too.

The Butterfly Ball
Head to White Hobrad in Halmvik (87, 285). Acquire “Information Gathering”. Swap tabs.

Skill checks: Gather Information eight times. May perform some or all options multiple times.

- 41 Urban + 40 Spying: 1-3 Information.
- 41 Urban + 40 Commerce: 1-2 Information.
- 41 Urban + 38 Commerce + 20 gold: 2-4 Information.
- 41 Urban + 40 Leadership + Yraen + 2 gold: 2-3, 50% Information. 13 minute cooldown.
- 41 Urban + 44 Leadership + Cerrydwen + 1 gold: 1 Information. 13 minute cooldown.
- 41 Urban + 45 Leadership + Rowan: 1-4 Information. 13 minute cooldown.

Assumes similar cooldowns for each check.

Turn in “Information Gathering”. Take “The Wisdom of Others”. Switch to Builders’ Road. Accept “A Controversial Deal”.

Skill check: 55 Blunt Offense OR 45 Leadership + 25 gold OR 40 Commerce + 25 gold.

Complete “A Controversial Deal”, followed by “The Wisdom of Others”.

Return to Snow Star after finishing all three. Turn in “The Price of Peace”.

Reward: 10 Vinnerson and 4 Recognitions.

Must recruit Rowan to continue. See her section. Accept “Night of the Long Daggers”. Travel to Builders’ Road in Halmvik. Grab “Secret Meeting”. Enter the Lower Depths. Advance to the Underground Tree (the space before the chapel). Accept “No Entry”.

Skill check: pass one.
- 48 Forest + 40 Spying
- 48 Forest + 33 Commerce + 50 gold
- 48 Forest + 40 Leadership + 50 gold + Rowan

Finish “No Entry”. Go inside the chapel. Take “Inspect the Crime Scene”.

Skill check: 43 Urban + [48 Exploration OR 44 Archeology OR 40 Hunting OR 40 Leadership + Cerrydwen + 2 gold]

Must have a Healing Vial also. Finish “Inspect the Crime Scene”. Move to Underground River (on the way out). Grab “The Motivations of the Killer”.

Skill check: Combat OR 54 Urban + [42 Spying OR 42 Commerce + 5 gold OR 48 Leadership + Rowan]

Combat option:
- Joan Lithovka. 52/49/75 offenses. 59/53/58 defenses. Intelligent (3). Inflicts 40% additional damage (2).
- Maron Filason. 58/68/53 offenses. 57/73/55 defenses. Intelligent (5). Inflicts 50% additional damage (5).
- Oklan. 81/62/73 offenses. 82/69/71 defenses. Intelligent. Reduces damage by 30%.

Hand in the quest. Optional: Head to the Barracks for “A Quick Exit”. Unlocks another exit. Costs five gold.

Go back to Builders’ Road in Halmvik. Finish “Secret Meeting”. Concludes the questline at Snow Star.

Reward: 10 Vinnerson, Tracing: Rune: Pho, and 1 Recognition

Land Requirements: 58 Urban (for Rowan), 45 Forest, 30 Sea, and 60 Snow.

Starts at Noroft Port. Get “No Regrets”. Travel to Obero Caleron’s Manor. Accept “Silence”.

Explore for Night Archer’s Inn near (102, 272) in Forest of the Last Assault. Grab “Agreement with the Black Archers”.

Skill check: pass one.
- 44 Forest + 30 Leadership + 2 gold (+1 Caleron)
- 44 Forest + 40 Woodworking
- 44 Forest + 45 Piercing Offense

Complete it. Explore near (82, 304) in Lufomir for Fortified Creek. Accept “An Agreement with the Marine Dogs”.

Skill check: 15 Naval Agreements OR 40 Urban + [45 Blunt Offense OR 30 Leadership + 20 gold]

Finish the quest. Travel to High Hobrad in Halmvik (87, 285). Take “An Agreement ith the Fargirsons”. Explore for Tatarak around (106, 284) in Forest of the Last Assault. Accept “Missing”. Camp at (125, 275). Study the prints.

Skill check: 40 Forest + 40 Exploration.

Return to Tatarak for “A Mysterious Creature”. Go to the newly unveiled Catorpicar’s Lair.

Skill check: Combat OR 40 Forest + [35 Taming OR 35 Engineering].
Combat option: one Catorpicar. 0/53/52 offenses. 53/50/51 defenses. Intelligent. Vigor (+50% damage).

Revisit Tatarak to finish “Missing”, Halmvik for “An Agreement with the Fargirsons”, Obero Caleron’s Manor for “Silence”, and then Noroft Port for “No Regrets”. Combined the last two for the reward below.

Reward: 10 Caleron and 2 Recognitions.

Must recruit Rowan to continue. Journey to Night Archer’s Inn for “The Vulufang’s Shadow”, then “A Rose without Thorns”. Go to Noroft Port. Accept “Attention of the Depths”. Offers two options: Halmvik or Lamberg Forest Society (138, 285) in Forest of the Last Assault.

Warning: Removes Halmvik’s options after accepting “Help the Smugglers” at Lamberg Forest Society. Receives no reputation opportunities by choosing Halmvik.

Skill check: 41 Urban + [40 Spying OR 35 Commerce + 10 gold].

Lamberg Forest Society
Get “Help the Smugglers”.

Skill check: pass one.
- 55 Forest + 35 Spying
- 55 Forest + 40 Taming
- No check. 165.3 effort task (11 hours, 34 minutes, 26 seconds).

Turn in “Help the Smugglers”. Wait for the convoy’s departure.

Important: Faces the next two checks back-to-back. Prevents you from leaving and changing companions. Be prepared. Catch up with the convoy when ready.

Quest: “A Tense Situation”.
Skill check: Nothing OR 55 Leadership (+1 Caleron)

Quest: “Tranquility, War or Diplomacy”
Skill check: Nothing OR 60 Commerce + 30 Gold (+1 Jotungar)

Return to Lamberg Forest.

Head from either Halmvik or Lamberg Forest Society to Noroft Port. Hand in “Attention of the Depths”. Go to Night Archer’s Inn to finish “A Rose without Thorns”. Pick up “The Wyvern’s Crown”. Sends you to Obero Caleron’s Manor. Grab “Criminal Preparations”. Travel to Historic Hobrad in Halmvik. Take “A Helping Hand”. Explore for Molins’ Ruins near (74, 302) in Starfield. Accept “Pass the Gate”. (May have completed this in Soriason’s section already.)

Skill check: One Recognition OR 50 Snow + [46 Commerce + 50 gold OR 40 Archeology OR 38 Spying]

Enter Molins’ Ruins. Slide to A4. Pick up “Money Problems”.

Skill check: pass one.
- 100 gold.
- 2 Recognitions.
- 45 Snow + 65 Blunt Offense
- 45 Snow + 44 Commerce + 10 Nordic Agreements

Finish “Money Problems”. Leave for Halmvik. Turn in “A Helping Hand”. Enter the Lower Depths. Recruit four thieves.

Skill check (Fence’s Outpost): 41 Urban + 35 Leadership. Yields 1-4.
Skill check (Suspicious Lodging House): 46 Urban + 35 Leadership. Yields 1-4.
Skill check (Underground Lake): 58 Urban + 35 Leadership. Yields 1-4.
Skill check (Luxurious House): 45 Urban + 35 Leadership. Yields 1-4.
Skill check (Barracks): 51 Urban + 35 Leadership. Yields 1-4.

Cannot repeat checks. Exit the Lower Depths. Revisit Obero Caleron’s Manor. Exchange “Criminal Preparations” for “The Crime of the Century”.

- Nothing. (+1 Caleron)
- Rowan + 4 gold + 5 Naval Agreements. (+1 Soriason)

Move to White Hobrad in Halmvik.

Skill check: 40 Urban + [45 Spying OR 50 Leadership + 50 gold OR 52 Hunting].

Return to Obero Caleron’s Manor. Finish the quest. Hit up Night Archer’s Inn. Turn in “The Wyvern’s Crown”. Take “The Diamond of Halmvik”. Explore at (117, 282) in Forest of the Last Assault for Forgiveness Domain. Accept “Illicit Campaign”.

Start with the Lower Depths. Visit the Clothes Shop. Grab “The Retirement of Aranxa”.

Skill check (Lower Depths Clothes Shop): 41 Urban + 60 Blunt Offense
Skill check (Obero Caleron’s Manor):
- 8 Nordic Agreements (+1 Caleron)
- 2 Recognitions
- 40 Forest + 50 Leadership + 25 gold (+1 Jotungar)

Finish the quest.

Proceed to Luxurious House in the Lower Depths. Get “Haunted by the Past”. Leave the Lower Depths. Explore at (78, 287) in Lufomir for Meeting Place.

Skill check: Combat OR 45 Forest + 50 Leadership

Combat option: one Rumors Chapman. 75/75/85 offenses. 75/83/87 defenses. Inflicts extra damage for ten rounds.

Report your success in the Lower Depths.

Trek to the Snow Star (135, 271) in Forest of the Last Assault. Accept “Failure to Comply”.

Skill check (High Hobrad, Halmvik): Combat OR 42 Urban + 45 Spying
Skill check (Noroft Port):
- 30 Urban + 50 Engineering (+1 Caleron)
- 30 Urban + 30 Leadership + 100 gold (+1 Vinnerson)

Combat option: four Bodyguard. 50/45/50 offenses. 45/45/40 defenses. May have Intelligent (5).

Complete the quest at Snow Star.

Go to Eufelburg (162, 247) in Jotun Forest. Take “The Shadow Adviser”.

Skill check (Eufelburg): 49 Urban + 40 Spying
Skill check (Forgiveness Domain): 45 Leadership

End it at Eufelburg.

Appears only after dealing with everyone else. Travel to Farlamburg. Get “Back to the Sea”. Head to Noroft Port.

Skill check: 10 Urban + [40 Spying OR 40 Commerce OR 45 Leadership + 50 gold].

Return to Farlamburg to finish “Back to the Sea”, followed by Forgiveness Domain for “Illicit Campaign”, then Night Archer’s Inn for “The Diamond of Halmvik”.

Accept “The Fox’s Counter-attack”. Requires Rowan in your party for “Inside the Murderer’s Head” too. Head to Noroft Port for “Time for Revenge”. Ride the Killer Whale II (30 Sea). Explore for the camps. Pass all four Destroy checks. Collect four Information total.

Redemption Camp: (9, 329).
Skill check (Destroy): Combat OR 58 Snow + [48 Spying OR 50 Hunting]
Skill check (Information): 58 Snow + 44 Archeology. (Yields 1-3, 50%. Repeatable.)

Regret Camp: (11, 335).
Skill check (Destroy): Combat OR 58 Snow + [48 Spying OR 52 Hunting]

Humanity Camp: (14, 333).
Skill check (Destroy): Combat OR 60 Snow + [48 Spying OR 52 Hunting]
Skill check (Information): 60 Snow + 65 Blunt Offense + 10 gold. (Yields 1, 70%. Probably repeatable.)

Truth Camp: (22, 337).
Skill check (Destroy): Combat OR 60 Snow + [46 Spying OR 54 Hunting]
Skill check (Information): 60 Snow + 44 Commerce + 10 gold. (Yields 2-4, 50%. Probably repeatable.)

Combat option in Truth Camp:
- Two Subservient Agonedus. 73/68/71 offenses. 70/80/64 defenses.
- Lorne Arvern. 62/80/70 offenses. 80/71/70 defenses. Intelligent. Receives 40% less damage. Inflicts 40% additional damage (3).
- Officer of the Cult. 48/53/57 offenses. 65/68/74 defenses.

Return to Noroft Port for “Time for Revenge”, then Night Archer’s Inn for “Inside the Murderer’s Head”. Continue the chain with “The Fox’s Counter-attack”. Ends the questline with “The Vulufang’s Shadow”.

Reward: 20 Caleron, Tracing: Rune: Frim, and 2 Recognitions.

Into Tarasquan
Note: Leads to opening the doors. See the section below (The Tarasquan Golem Monster) for quests in Tarasquan.

Requirement: Finish the Caleron and Jotungar questlines.

Starts at the Long Hobrad in Halmvik. Grab and finish “A Badly Kept Secret”. Hop over to Travelers’ Hobrad. Accept “Mutual Interest”.

Skill check: pass one.
- 44 Urban + 40 Leadership + 25 gold
- 44 Urban + 35 Spying + 1 Blueroc Nugget
- 4 Small Diamonds
- 1 Recognition

Reveals Sowethal House in Starfield. Get “A Broken Association”. Sends you to Maliken Harbor.

Visit the Dormitory District. Accept “Those Merchants Who Fear the Cold” and “A Spoke in the Wheel”. Directs you to Sheros Community (Howling Swamp), Enorwen’s Trading Post, and Teasan Village. Complete all three.

Skill check (Sheros Community): 20 Urban + [48 Spying OR 55 Hunting OR 55 Engineering]

Skill check (Enorwen’s Trading Post): 10 Urban + [42 Commerce OR 45 Leadership + 40 gold OR 48 Engineering]

Skill check (Teasan Village): 5 Nordic Agreements OR 2 Urban + [58 Blunt Offense OR 52 Taming]

Return to Maliken Harbor afterwards. Exchange “A Spoke in the Wheel” for “The Identity of the Rival”. Head to The Plank (16, 274) in Loudthunder Forest. Pick up “Identity Barter”. Look for Falconers around Lanfar and Hawkoria. May not include all possible locations. Assumes most checks to be repeatable. Knows Spying for certain.

Skill checks: collect eight hints.
- (Maliken Harbor) 33 Urban + 40 Spying. (Yield: 2-4.)
- (Maliken Harbor) 33 Urban + 47 Hunting. (Yield: 2-4.)
- (Enorwen’s Trading Post) 10 Urban + 50 Leadership. (Yield: 1. Not repeatable.)
- (Fellowship of the Falconers) 2 Plains + 50 Taming. (Yield: 3-4.)
- (Falconers' Stable) 2 Plains + 32 Commerce + 1.5 gold. (Yield: 1-2, 50%.)

Turn this in at The Plank, followed by Maliken Harbor for the other. Grab “The Secret Funds”. Camp at (-4, 211).

Skill check: Combat OR 20 Hills + [45 Spying OR 50 Hunting].

Combat option: six Elite Mercenary. 66/70/72 offenses. 64/65/70 defenses. Intelligent (3).

Complete it back at Maliken Harbor, as well as “Those Merchants Who Fear the Cold”. Revisit Sowethal House in Starfield for “A Broken Association”. Reveals the doors into Tarasquan. Travel to there. Offers the location of Lanfar’s Doors for 100 gold.

The Tarasquan Golem Monster
Land Requirements: 59 Swamp and 58 Forest.
Skill Requirement: 45 Engineering (without a potion).
Item Requirements: One (regular quality) Gurdismo Long Bow, 10 Catoblepas Meat, 20 Small Uncut Elementary Hearts, 10 Eliandel Ingots, and 500 Foggy Pearls.
Suggested: Regeneration Ampoules + Vials and 3 Healing Ampoules.

Tip: Level Swamp at Tarasquan Doors. Encounters Starfield monsters. Handles them much easier. Do not forget Ofikimon’s Territory in Howling Swamps, also.

Tip: Recommends Higrann’s Cache for Small Uncut Elementary Hearts. Finds them in Tarsinith Laboratory in Giant Plains. (Explore at (46, 269).)

Welcome to the current end-game area. Prepare to face overwhelming creatures.

Overworld Monsters
- Unverstaker: 0/63/0 offenses. 67/70/67 defenses. Intelligent. Vigor (+50% damage dealt).
- Renegade Isbjorn: 0/67/61 offenses. 72/71/63 defenses.
- Vorsicus Equus: 70/0/0 offenses. 68/62/75 defenses. Intelligent. Possibly Vigor sometimes.
- Swamp Catoblepas: 0/59/62 offenses. 68/58/80 defenses. Protection (-35% damage taken). Sometimes Vigor (+35% damage dealt) (4).

Appears in groups of one to five.

Anderversan Woods Monsters
- Swamp Catoblepas: Same as above.
- Unverstaker: Same as above.
- Vargr Horribillius: 66/74/54 offenses. 67/66/78 defenses. Intelligent. Sometimes Vigor (+30% damage dealt) (1).
- Tarasquan Mocassin: 68/65/0 offenses. 73/73/60 defenses. Intelligent (3).
- Andracine: 74/0/0 offenses. 69/67/48 defenses. Protection (-60% damage taken).
- Enraged Vulufang: 0/73/65 offenses. 57/55/55 defenses. Shield (Prevents all damage) (1). Intelligent (5). Sometimes Vigor (+40% damage dealt) (5).

Do not expect to defeat them without excellent armor and companions. Might lose still. Do not despair, however. Completes this section without winning a battle, theoretically.


Explore for Lilanie’s Oasis near (62, 280). Grab "The Mystery of Anderversan". Explore around (91, 269) for Anderversan Woods.

Obtain six Proof the Beast’s Existence. Yields 1-2 proofs on all checks. Assumes five hour, forty-five minute cooldowns for each.

1: 60 Swamp + 50 Hunting.
2: 59 Swamp + 60 Exploration.
3: 63 Swamp + 50 Botany.
4: 62 Swamp + 50 Alchemy.
5: 58 Swamp + 50 Botany.
6: 58 Swamp + 50 Botany. Also, 58 Swamp + 50 Hunting.
7: 57 Swamp + 60 Exploration.
8: 59 Swamp + 50 Alchemy.

Optional: Go to "5" on the map. Pass one:
- 58 Swamp + 8 Metascience
- 58 Swamp + 40 Leadership + Rowan

Yields "A Doubt on the Beast's Existence". Redeem it at Lilanie’s Oasis for five Lamden Mariglacius. Warning: Cannot obtain this after turning in the proof quest.

Tip: Use the trick from Aifaran’s Laboratory. Flee. Flee again. Persist until no random encounters occur. (Sidenote: Worked faster than in Aifaran's Laboratory.) Drink a Regeneration Ampoule to perform the task. Preferred staying put for proofs. Kept the Swamp potion active. Involved less effort.

Return to Lilanie's Oasis afterwards.
Reward: 20 Salancedar Planks.

Grab "Hunters Fleeing".

Camp at (89, 270).
Skill check (pass one):
- 58 Swamp + 60 Exploration
- 58 Swamp + 52 Engineering
- 58 Swamp + 52 Archeology
- 58 Swamp + 30 Leadership + Mister Golem


Go to "A" in Anderversan Woods (G3).
Skill check (pass one):
- 59 Swamp + 55 Engineering
- 59 Swamp + 52 Leadership
- 59 Swamp + 35 Leadership + Mister Golem
- Three Healing Ampoules (no land check)

Visit "B" on the map (A4).
Accept “Empty-Handed”. Hand over ten Catoblepas Meat and a (regular) Gurdismo Long Bow.
Tip: Withdraw Catoblepas Meat before reaching the space.

Return to Lilanie’s Oasis after rescuing all three. Turn in "Hunters Fleeing". Rewards four Trokami. Venture back into Anderversan Woods.

Walk to "#" on the map (D4). Take "Give Hand". Fork over ten Small Uncut Elementary Hearts. Complete it and accept "Convince the Tarasquan". Leave.

Explore for The Watchman around (72, 274).
Skill check: 58 Forest + [48 Alchemy OR 60 Leadership OR 55 Exploration]

Explore for Briteldan’s Fortress near (45, 290).
Skill check: 59 Swamp + [68 Blunt Offense OR 42 Spying OR 43 Leadership + Rowan].

Head to Lilanie’s Oasis for the last one.
Skill check: 55 Swamp + [55 Exploration OR 42 Spying OR 42 Commerce].
(Note: twenty-one minutes for the Commerce option. Rewards four gold.)

Return to "#" in Anderversan Woods. Complete the quest. Allows you to recruit the Golem Monster now.

Skill check: 58 Swamp + 45 Engineering + 10 Small Uncut Elementary Hearts + 10 Eliandel Ingots + 500 Foggy Pearls.

Important: 66.1 Effort task. Bring Regeneration Vials. Be sure to leave sufficient space and Ferocity too.

Reward: The Golem Monster.

Note: Rolls stats, unlike other quest companions. Expect Boarserker Syndrome, as above.

What skills should you level? Sociability skills. Why?

By skill.

Code: Select all

            Appearances Average
Leadership           30    42.9
Spying               24   39.33
Commerce             18   36.78
Combat               14      NA
Hunting              13   46.46
Archeology            9   40.44
Exploration           8   45.75
BluntOff              7   58.57
Botany                5      48
Engineering           5    44.6
Taming                5    43.4
Recognition           3    1.67
Alchemy               1      50
Carpentry             1      40
Masonry               1      35
PiercingOff           1      45
Woodworking           1      40

By trade. Removed combat and recognitions.

Code: Select all

Sociability          72
Fauna                18
Searching            17
Offense               8
Science               6
Flora                 5
Wood                  2
Stone                 1
Defense               0
Metal                 0
Fashioning            0

- Excluded entrance into Norstria and Tarasquan. Counted quests with multiple skill checks of the same type (as in, 48 Leadership OR 60 Leadership) only once and as the lowest necessary.
- Treated checks requiring Nordic Agreements as 32 Commerce minimum and Naval Agreements as 15 Commerce minimum.
- Ignored optional checks (such as Unseal the Letter) and quests.

Reputation Turn-in Locations
Location: Halmvik, Lufomir. (86, 285).
Item: 5 Criminal Pacts.
Cooldown: 3 days, 20 hours, 35 minutes.
Source of items: Noroft Port commerce turn-in, spying action at the entrance of the Lower Depths, and Rale Caleron’s Estate.

Location: Halmvik, Lufomir. (86, 285).
Item: 5 Ancestral Dice.
Cooldown: 4 days, 19 hours, 44 minutes.
Source of items: Halmvik commerce turn-in (26.1% chance per), digging Runic Artifact Fragments (~6%), Lupuntar Rune action (from the Vinnerson questline), and Jeniva Vinnerson’s Estate (from the Soriason questline).

Location: Righteous Cemetery, Forest of the Last Assault. (114, 293).
Item: 5 Old Currency.
Cooldown: 3 days, 20 hours, 35 minutes.
Source of items: Digging Runic Artifact Fragments (~24%), Lupuntar Rune action (from the Vinnerson questline), and one-time (?) actions found in camps.
Special: Must unlock the turn-in through the quest “Tomb Raiders”. Begins at Righteous Cemetery.

Go to (104, 284) in Forest of the Last Assault after obtaining the quest. Options:
- Combat
- 40 Forest + 35 Commerce + 10 gold
- 40 Forest + 45 Hunting

Combat option: three Isbjorn Looters. 44 to 46 blunt and pierce offenses. 48 to 53 defenses.

Return to Righteous Cemetery.

Reward: 1 Soriason and the Old Currency turn-in.

Location: Jotungar Elite Center, Dragons’ Jaw. (129, 243).
Item: 10 Wyvern Blood.
Cooldown: 3 days, 20 hours, 35 minutes.
Source of items: Loot from wyverns, mostly. Recommends the Lower Depths for Albino Wyverns (~21% drop chance).

Reputation Rewards
Requires 20 Caleron. Location: Noroft Port, Lufomir
Concession: Lufomir. 57 gold, 50 silver.
Concession: Starfield. 57 gold, 50 silver.
Concession: Forest of the Last Assault. 57 gold, 50 silver.
Recipe: Healing Horn. Herbalism. 13 gold, 80 silver.
Recipe: Dexterity Horn. Herbalism. 30 gold, 47 silver, 50 copper.
Recipe: Meticulousness Horn. Herbalism. 28 gold, 75 silver.
Bricolum: Runic Compass. Engineering. 69 gold.

Requires 40 Caleron. Location: Obero Caleron’s Manor, Lufomir
Concession: Cape End-of-the-World. 115 gold.
Concession: Dragons’ Jaw. 115 gold.
Concession: Jotun Forest. 115 gold.
Recipe: Runic Pitchfork. Forging. 138 gold.
Recipe: Runic Saw. Forging. 138 gold.
Recipe: Runic Scissors. Forging. 138 gold.
Recipe: Runic Lumberjack Axe. Forging. 138 gold.
Recipe: Runic Pliers. Forging. 138 gold.
Recipe: Runic Sieve. Foundrywork. 138 gold.
Technique: Azulio. Woodcutting. 5 gold, 74 silver, 99 copper.

Requires 20 Vinnerson. Location: Noroft Port, Lufomir
Concession: Lufomir. 57 gold, 50 silver.
Concession: Starfield. 57 gold, 50 silver.
Concession: Forest of the Last Assault. 57 gold, 50 silver.
Recipe: Healing Horn. Herbalism. 13 gold, 80 silver.
Recipe: Coordination Horn. Herbalism. 29 gold, 99 silver, 20 copper.
Recipe: Mobility Horn. Herbalism. 25 gold, 29 silver, 99 copper.
Bricolum: Runic Compass. Engineering. 69 gold.

Requires 40 Vinnerson. Location: Halmvik, Lufomir
Concession: Cape End-of-the-World. 115 gold.
Concession: Dragons’ Jaw. 115 gold.
Concession: Jotun Forest. 115 gold.
Recipe: Runic Trowel. Forging. 138 gold.
Recipe: Runic Knife. Forging. 138 gold.
Recipe: Runic Awl. Foundrywork. 138 gold.
Recipe: Galandor Nuggets. Foundrywork. 28 gold, 75 silver.
Recipe: Runic Whip. Tanning. 138 gold.
Bricolum: Runic Bellows. Engineering. 138 gold.
Bricolum: Runic Scale. Engineering. 138 gold.
Technique: Giant Salandrin. Woodcutting. 87 gold, 5 silver, 49 copper.

Requires 20 Jotungar. Location: Halmvik, Lufomir
Concession: Lufomir. 57 gold, 50 silver.
Concession: Starfield. 57 gold, 50 silver.
Concession: Forest of the Last Assault. 57 gold, 50 silver.
Recipe: Healing Horn. Herbalism. 13 gold, 80 silver.
Recipe: Vision Horn. Herbalism. 27 gold, 60 silver, 57 copper.
Recipe: Endurance Horn. Herbalism. 23 gold, 4 silver, 2 copper.
Bricolum: Runic Compass. Engineering. 69 gold.

Requires 40 Jotungar. Location: Collapsed Mine, Starfield
Concession: Cape End-of-the-World. 115 gold.
Concession: Dragons’ Jaw. 115 gold.
Concession: Jotun Forest. 115 gold.
Recipe: Runic Pickaxe. Foundrywork. 138 gold.
Recipe: Runic Compasses. Forging. 138 gold.
Recipe: Runic Scraper. Forging. 138 gold.
Recipe: Runic Billhook. Forging. 138 gold.
Recipe: Runic Stone Chisel. Forging. 138 gold.
Recipe: Lithosnow Monolith. 2 gold, 69 silver, 9 copper.

Requires 20 Soriason. Location: Halmvik, Lufomir
Concession: Lufomir. 57 gold, 50 silver.
Concession: Starfield. 57 gold, 50 silver.
Concession: Forest of the Last Assault. 57 gold, 50 silver.
Recipe: Healing Horn. Herbalism. 13 gold, 80 silver.
Recipe: Regeneration Horn. Herbalism. 23 gold, 22 silver, 99 copper.
Recipe: Intelligence Horn. Herbalism. 31 gold, 5 silver, 57 copper.
Bricolum: Runic Compass. Engineering. 69 gold.

Requires 40 Soriason. Location: Molins' Ruins, Starfield.
Note: Appears near the end of "The Right to Information" quest chain from Halmvik.
Concession: Cape End-of-the-World. 115 gold.
Concession: Dragons’ Jaw. 115 gold.
Concession: Jotun Forest. 115 gold.
Recipe: Runic Blacksmith's Hammer. Foundrywork. 138 gold.
Recipe: Runic Spade. Forging. 138 gold.
Recipe: Runic Spying Case. Engineering. 138 gold.
Bricolum: Runic Plane. Engineering. 138 gold.
Recipe: Runic Mortar and Pestle. Stonecutting. 138 gold.
Blueprint: Porch. 11 gold, 4 silver, 5 copper.

Rune Recipes
Tracing: Rune: Pyr: Final quest for Rowan.
Tracing: Rune: Eli: Final quest for Jotungar.
Tracing: Rune: Lith: Final quest for Soriason.
Tracing: Rune: Lect: Lupuntar section (“Save Raya the She-Wolf”) in Vinnerson’s quests.
Tracing: Rune: Pho: Final quest for Vinnerson.
Tracing: Rune: Frim: Final quest for Caleron.

Tracing: Rune: Ethe: Camp at (153, 292): 50 Mountain + 30 Exploration.

Tracing: Rune: Mag: Guild Castle (100 Runes Night)
Tracing: Rune: Hydr: Guild Castle (100 Runes Night)
Tracing: Rune: Rad: Guild Castle (100 Runes Night)
Tracing: Rune: Stra: Guild Castle (100 Runes Night)
Tracing: Rune: Psy: Guild Castle (100 Runes Night)

Other Questions
What are Recognitions for?
Bypasses the skill and land check for specific quests. Found no other uses…yet.

Which is easiest to reach 20 reputation with?
From easiest to hardest: Soriason < Jotungar << Vinnerson < Caleron.

- Soriason: Some combat. Clears dungeons by fleeing enough times, if necessary. Completed every check with sufficient Archeology or Leadership.
- Jotungar: Minimal combat. Includes some rough checks.
- Vinnerson: Two trips into the Lower Depths (one for Rowan, one for a quest). May struggle with 60 Forest. Involves gathering items too.
- Caleron: Requires wandering around Lower Depths. Requires 60 Snow. Demands high skill checks after the initial quests.

Which is easiest to reach 40 reputation with?
From easiest to hardest: Caleron < Vinnerson < Soriason << Jotungar. Judged largely on tedium.

- Caleron: Brings you to 30 reputation from quests alone, not including skill check extras. Acquires Criminal Pacts very easily from Lower Depths’s entrance.
- Vinnerson: Drops Ancestral Dice from Halmvik commerce constantly. Appears while grabbing Soriason’s reputation items too.
- Soriason: Takes a while to gather from runic artifact digging and/or Luptuntar Rune cooldowns.
- Jotungar: Noted a 21% drop rate on Albino Wyverns. Might earn 25 reputation from quests. Needs 150 Wyvern Blood, then. Be prepared to kill 714 Albino Wyverns in Lower Depths. Hates farming it. Drops little else worthwhile too.

Where can you level (land skill)?
Snow: Forbidden Gardens (55) in Starfield, random encounters on Hydra Island (60), and Wreck of the Dracorek (65) in Jotun Forest.

Forest: Lamberg Forest Society (55) in Forest of the Last Assault, Aifaran’s Laboratory (overworld, 55) in Starfield, Hunters' House (65) in Jotun Forest, and Woodland Embassy (70) in Jotun Forest.

Mountain: Den’s Doors (33) in Giant Plains, Beast’s Nest (50) in Shortblades Mountains, wandering around Cape End-of-the-World (50), and Jotungar Elite Center (75) in Dragons’ Jaw.

Sea: Departure to Lowenson Island (20, from Jotungar’s questline) from Noroft Port, Departure to Frederica’s Home (25, from Soriason’s questline), Departure to Hydra Island (25) at Haven of the Lords in Cape End-of-the-World, and Snake Creek (25) on Hydra Island.

Hills: Luxuriant Estate (40) in Hills of the Seven Mirrors, random encounters in Dragons’ Jaw, Doctor Fulgarson’s University (60) on Hydra Island, and Felgorn Peak (65) in Dragons’ Jaw.

Urban: Bolgatur Fortress (38) in Giant Plains, various tasks in Halmvik (low to mid 40s), Lower Depths (58 and recommended), Gilfaniel's Laboratory (58) in Jotun Forest, and Aifaran's Laboratory (58) in Starfield. Do not attempt to level at the 70 Urban location in Lower Depths. Encounters nothing random there.

Cave: Mysterious Tunnel (68) in the Lower Depths. Never fail a Cave check again.

Swamp: Ofikimon’s Territory (40) in Howling Swamp, Tarasquan Doors (57), wandering around Tarasquan (58), and B4 in Anderversan Woods (63).

What are good companions besides Cerrydwen, Yraen, Rowan, Gaspard, and Boarserker?
- Norstrian Mountain Goat (from Taming): Covers Mountain and Snow.

- Young Lord (from Mansion): Good Urban and stellar Leadership. Comes with solid Commerce and Spying too. Requires non-trivial Defiance, unfortunately. Consider Sister-in-Arms for Urban and Wheedler for Commerce/Leadership/Spying otherwise.

- Explorer (tier two Searching): For Sea.

Where are all of the locations?
Norstria Map.jpg

Includes Tarasquan locations. Shows locations from quests, including both Rale Caleron’s Estate and Jeniva Vinnerson’s Estate, but not one revealed from Eufelburg (10 Icelandus and 20 Catoblepas Meat).

Alternatively, this map. Looks much snazzier. Should be more complete too.

Where are the legendary companions, Runic Potion workshop, and/or Rune Tracing workshop?
Land Requirements: 50 Mountain, 45 Urban, 25 Sea, and 60 Snow.

Explore for Haven of the Lords near (151, 297) in Cape End-of-the-World. Accept “Sirens Are Just Tales”. (Do not worry about completing it.) Ride the boat. Explore at (130, 311) on Hydra Island for Doctor Fulgarson’s University.

Norstria Companions.jpg

Cost for Eternal Hiker: 6500 Foggy Pearls and 5000 gold.
Cost for one of [Glutomole, Marid, or Emerust]: 5000 Foggy Pearls and 3500 gold.

Runic Kitchen: 5 Archeology, 5 Herbalism, 2 Concoction Strength, 2 Runic Strength.

Discovered a skill check in the middle of nowhere. What does it do?
Yields some random items. Finds Old Currency sometimes. Some locations (but likely not all):

(141, 242): 50 Hills + 75 Archeology.
(20, 338): 60 Snow + 75 Exploration.
(152, 298): 50 Mountain + 50 Archeology. (Nothing)
(153, 292): 50 Mountain + 30 Exploration. (Tracing: Rune: Ethe.)
(54, 297): 42 Snow + 20 Metascience. (One Worn Stone Ancient Tablet and two Uncut Dragon Tears.)
(76, 281): 30 Snow + 5 Metascience. (One Krisental Empty Ampoule and one Small Garnet.)
(130, 250): 50 Hills + 10 Metascience. (One Old Currency, one Grizzly Claw, and three Foggy Pearls.)

Cannot confirm whether or not they reappear.

Where are the protosensors?
Costs five hundred Foggy Pearls per protosensor.

Snow: The Forbidden Gardens in Starfield. 55 Snow + 35 Metascience.
Forest: Heart of Jotun in Jotun Forest. 60 Forest + 35 Metascience.
Hills: Felgorn Peak in Dragons’ Jaw. 65 Hills + 35 Metascience.
Mountain: Poets’ Sanctuary in Cape End-of-the-World. 50 Mountain + 35 Metascience.
Swamp: (64, 278) in a camp in Tarasquan. 58 Swamp + 35 Metascience.

Re: Therian Saga

Posted: Thu Jan 08, 2015 7:06 pm UTC
by Izawwlgood
Crap... Got a ways to go.

Re: Therian Saga

Posted: Thu Jan 08, 2015 7:25 pm UTC
by Chen
Not sure if the Caleron/Vinnerson choice is so clearly Caleron anymore. There's a new action in the first room of the Depths which is 'Spy on Customers" which produces 1-3 Criminal pacts at 30% (I think) chance. I haven't really looked around to see if there are other actions for the other families.

So far my understanding is the Loupunter action (get a rune) and digging up runic artifacts are the best ways to get Old Currency. Don't know if there are any other methods. Seems pretty important to be able to get at least someone in guild up to 40 Soriason rep to get the new blueprint (I think thats for the place to activate runes).

Re: Therian Saga

Posted: Thu Jan 08, 2015 7:33 pm UTC
by Izawwlgood
Is 'Old Currency' an item, or a class of items?

Re: Therian Saga

Posted: Thu Jan 08, 2015 7:44 pm UTC
by Chen
It's the trade-in item for the Soriason rep, just like Ancient dice, Criminal pacts or Wyvern blood.

Re: Therian Saga

Posted: Thu Jan 08, 2015 7:46 pm UTC
by Izawwlgood
Oh crap, i thought they all took Ancestral Dice... Glurg. Adding archaeology to the list of skills I need to grind up.

Re: Therian Saga

Posted: Thu Jan 08, 2015 8:06 pm UTC
by Chen
Criminal pacts are a spying action in the first room of the depths and from doing commerce at Noroft port. Ancestral dice are from commerce an Halmvik. Wyvern blood is from killing albino wyverns in the depths. And old currency is apparently from digging up runic artifact fragments and doing the daily Loupuntar rune turn in (when you finish their quest lines). As Deva mentioned there's also an action you get depending on who you rescue in one quest line that either gives Criminal pacts or Ancestral dice with about a day and a half cooldown on it. There are also a couple of solutions to various Norstrian quests that give 1 point in reputations. Considering the annoyance in leveling things up, it may be worthwhile to do these (even though they're usually the harder checks).

Also note that the Caleron quest line actually gets you to 30 rep instead of 20 like the others. It is a more difficulty quest line though with some fairly tough checks up in the peninsula of the damned (~60s snow + high 50s in other skills) or pretty much impossible combats.

Re: Therian Saga

Posted: Thu Jan 08, 2015 8:29 pm UTC
by Deva
Owns 188 Ancestral Dice presently, largely from chasing Galandor (and Xuran earlier). Acquired a few from Runic Artifact Fragments too (8% drop rate currently). Considers it clear still.

Current Old Currency drop rate from Runic Artifact Fragments: 23%. Assumes twenty-five Soriason through quests. Requires 75 Old Currency. Rounds up to 327 actions at 3.25 hours each. Prepare to spend two months, including sleep. Should exit with nearly a Runic Festival's worth of fragments, on the plus side (assuming four companions). Waits nearly that long on turn-in cooldowns anyways also.

Re: Therian Saga

Posted: Fri Jan 09, 2015 3:06 am UTC
by Biliboy
I'll train transport soontm to help with castle stuff, still cutting beams for my guild contribution. Has anyone claimed doing the norstrian carpentry to make the frames, for the skillups? I believe it's about 35 carpentry. If not I'll take that too.

I've been curious about the carts and sleds for a while, since I unlocked the skids and wheel recipes. What can I make to try to unlock the rest of the recipe? I think someone said once that they were sub-optimal since they required transporting back to the start location, but it might work out better for those of us who don't have the pearls for a transport companion. (or would the ox thing work better?)

Re: Therian Saga

Posted: Fri Jan 09, 2015 12:50 pm UTC
by Chen
I've been making frameworks when I can (I think the difficulty is actually 45 or 48 or something) but I'm not particularly needing to. The frameworks are only an hour to make so comparatively they're fast. But you can go ahead and make them if you want. Might be able to fit them into a queue after squaring to use up remaining energy too.

The sleds require a guild task I think to learn the final recipe for, which needs guild agreements. Also sleds and such each have 1 encumberance. So you're changing a 4 hour transport task (the frames) into an 8 hour task since you need to bring the sled back (empty). So unless the sleds let you move more than 1 its wildly inefficient. With 20 encumberance I don't think you're moving more than 1 without a transport companion. If you max out your transport at 20 (via guild actions) and have a 4.3 ring you need a 60 in searching to hit 20 overall transport without a companion: ((59+20)/2)*0.4 +4.3 = 20.1

The oxes and such use guild agreements so if you get yourself the agreements then you can get yourself an ox. I suspect with gem cutting time included it'd be faster to get one of the T4s. One option to make you have to do less transport training (which is long an fairly pricey) is to build a vendor hiding place network at the Shipyard. That should add about 13 transport as a location bonus. That reduces your overall transport score need to only about 30 (average between searching and transport) which means if you did have 59 searching you wouldn't need to train more than the initial point of transport. I didn't check if vendor materials work there but its fairly low difficulty so they should. They take frames/walls/foundations to make. It takes a significant number of them so doing a non-vendor piece based one is quite time consuming and not worth it. It's also the only infrastructure that can be made solely with NPC parts.

Re: Therian Saga

Posted: Fri Jan 09, 2015 10:00 pm UTC
by Chen
Ok double posting just to make sure people see this:

Izzy got one guild mentioning they wanted a shipyard and norstria frame recipes. We don't have any frames left but I suggested it may be possible to have someone go over, build the shipyard and spend the 20 hours making the frames. Didn't talk cost cause they need to talk to their guild leader, but what do you think a good cost for that service would be?

Secondly I mentioned to them we still had a full set of stone delegation recipes to sell (megalithic building site, megalithic foundation, megalithic walls). I said I was thinking 2000g for that set but that I'd need to discuss it here. What do people think?

Re: Therian Saga

Posted: Fri Jan 09, 2015 10:08 pm UTC
by Fitzfool
Sounds like recipes we don't need and money we can use to me.

Re: Therian Saga

Posted: Fri Jan 09, 2015 10:16 pm UTC
by Izawwlgood
Those were all gotten from delegations right? 2k sounds pretty reasonable to me, though I'm not sure how that shacks up with material and time costs.

Better to sell than not though, I feel. Maybe say you're not sure what's a reasonable cost exactly, ask what they think of 3k, see if they haggle?

Re: Therian Saga

Posted: Sat Jan 10, 2015 3:01 pm UTC
by Chen
Yeah they are from delegations. I think 2k for the 3 recipes is fair as well. We dont need em and we can definitely use the money. I'll tell the guy when I see him.

If anyone can make Norstria frames and is interested in doing that for a guild let me know too. We can try to figure out a price.

Re: Therian Saga

Posted: Sat Jan 10, 2015 3:43 pm UTC
by Grop
Does a vendor buy crappy balms? I have made a few.

Re: Therian Saga

Posted: Sat Jan 10, 2015 4:11 pm UTC
by Izawwlgood
We have a buyer for 4x kdel plates. I think we could probably get them to pay for 300/ingot, so should consider moving fast on this.

Re: Therian Saga

Posted: Sat Jan 10, 2015 4:15 pm UTC
by Fitzfool
at 300/ ingot I might have some kdel plates from the watchmaker I'll gladly hand over lol, but I'm at work and won't be able to log on for another 12 hours.

Re: Therian Saga

Posted: Sat Jan 10, 2015 4:16 pm UTC
by Izawwlgood
The buyer is Nikkki - feel free to contact them and work out a deal to sell your plates!

Re: Therian Saga

Posted: Sat Jan 10, 2015 7:19 pm UTC
by Deva
Deva wrote:Owns 188 Ancestral Dice presently, largely from chasing Galandor (and Xuran earlier). Acquired a few from Runic Artifact Fragments too (8% drop rate currently). Considers it clear still.

Retracts this. Saw the Criminal Pact action in Lower Depths. Expected longer than twenty minutes per action. Helps with Spying too (30).

Re: Therian Saga

Posted: Sun Jan 11, 2015 3:59 am UTC
by Chen
Alrighty, got a super rude message from some guy named "None" saying our price for the stone delegation is too high. Assuming this is the same group that wanted it before and this is their guild leader I'm done with that. Everyone is free to deal with them as you wish but they're basically on my blacklist now.

edit: Yeah found their guild post from a while back. Its the one that was trying to be edgy ( ... sts&t=7042). You know or the guy is actually a dick. Either way they're done for me.

Re: Therian Saga

Posted: Sun Jan 11, 2015 4:17 am UTC
by Izawwlgood
Hahaha, yup! I doubly stand by what I said earlier about not cutting them any deals.

EDIT: The kry plate job came through, we're the only people selling. I said 3360 (280/ingot), they came back with 3100g + 1 noctu leather. Thoughts? I

Re: Therian Saga

Posted: Sun Jan 11, 2015 5:10 pm UTC
by Chen
Noctu leather is worth at least 500g. So yeah thats a good deal.

Re: Therian Saga

Posted: Sun Jan 11, 2015 5:24 pm UTC
by Izawwlgood
I've got 15 i think kryanbor nuggets. Feel like getting xporting?

Re: Therian Saga

Posted: Sun Jan 11, 2015 10:37 pm UTC
by Fitzfool
Hey its Fitz, I have 5 kryandel plates, send me a msg I'd like to fill that order, or at least part of it.

Re: Therian Saga

Posted: Mon Jan 12, 2015 3:57 pm UTC
by Chen
Ok so my Hipporage will be done taming after work today. Hipporiel came out with 51 transport so we don't need to build that hiding place network afterall. I will move half the foundations to the HQ tonight and the other half tomorrow. The frames will be more awkward but we can figure something out (they're only 20 encumberance too).

My alt is working at the Freshwater Julian fish we need. Should be a week or so of solid fishing to get them all I believe but I'll handle that. We need someone to start on the Renaissance mountain fish if they can. Also melandrin. Farming melandrin on the island is a real pain in the ass. I may consider buying it if we can get the price reduced a bit (its around 1100g right now for the 200 logs we need). Otherwise we'll need some woodcutters to head over there and farm it. Gurdismo is also annoying, requiring a lumberjack camp in the Den to cut. If people could make note of how much Gurdismo/Melandrin logs they have it would be useful. Recall you can get these via doing the 30 Nuert plank daily turn in at the footbridge. If people aren't doing that I suggest they start its quite valuable.

Re: Therian Saga

Posted: Mon Jan 12, 2015 6:01 pm UTC
by Grop
Chen wrote:We need someone to start on the Renaissance mountain fish if they can.

Is that amemasu? I will start on that, but that may take a while :o. So long I will probably train alts into doing that.

Re: Therian Saga

Posted: Mon Jan 12, 2015 7:06 pm UTC
by Chen
Grop wrote:Is that amemasu? I will start on that, but that may take a while :o. So long I will probably train alts into doing that.

Yeah thats them. In the lake near ice lab.

I'll get the Cavernotruc's myself. I can't do it without a potion yet, but depending on how fast I can tame a forest wyvern I might be able to (or I'll just make some Crodor trophies). Even if I have to fish normally in there its not too bad since I the hunting companion is my boar which can help me not die to the fights in there.

Re: Therian Saga

Posted: Tue Jan 13, 2015 1:07 am UTC
by Deva
Updated the house reputation guide above. Added Vinnerson and some Caleron, plus other sections. Enjoyed the Skills section.

Deposited Waxed Cotton Beddings and Frail Bone Trims into Sandstone Boulders. Will provide a potion for Noble Furniture upon request.

Re: Therian Saga

Posted: Tue Jan 13, 2015 12:39 pm UTC
by Chen
Deva wrote:Updated the house reputation guide above. Added Vinnerson and some Caleron, plus other sections. Enjoyed the Skills section.

Deposited Waxed Cotton Beddings and Frail Bone Trims into Sandstone Boulders. Will provide a potion for Noble Furniture upon request.

What's the noble furniture difficulty? I suspect I can make it without anything too crazy of a potion.

Also sent you a salancedar plank I got as a quest reward in the swamp. I really don't know how you're supposed to survive in there. I just explored and did everything mutilated. Was simpler.

Also we're putting up the hunting (butchery) factory this evening most likely. This should allow you to butcher catoblepases with steel blades (assuming you have a 50 idol and 5.0 talisman). If anyone has any spare cato meat already I'm willing to buy it. Need it for a quest that lets my hipporiel fly me to Norstria and to tame a forest wyvern eventually. Note that the flying to Norstria apparently costs 12g each time (and possibly each way from what I heard). It is faster than the boat though.

Re: Therian Saga

Posted: Tue Jan 13, 2015 4:51 pm UTC
by Biliboy
I tried to help another guild with their nuert noble furniture the other day, and from what I recall I would have needed a 5.9 ring, my woodworker at 48 instead of 43, and still would need a high 6.* or 7ish potion to complete. It may have been 64, can't remember exactly. I've got some bow parts made up so I can get some more skillups, but am spending most of my time on the frames atm. I'll send Chen my melandrin and gurdismo, and look at heading to the island sometime.

Healing potion prices skyrocketed recently, my potion alt posted some at 1.99g and was the cheapest on the market. I think I made that alt just in time. Access to cheap regen vials is coming in handy for squaring the giant oaks too.

Re: Therian Saga

Posted: Tue Jan 13, 2015 5:26 pm UTC
by Chen
Yeah I do recall its somewhere in the 60s for Noble furniture. I didnt have the recipe when we made our mansion so I couldnt make it. My hero woodworking is at 74 though so I should be able to make it no problem now. I can hold off though if someone else can get skillups from it.

Healing potions need to sell for around 2g/each otherwise its less money than you make if you just did some of the passive tasks. You get 12 potions per 10 hours I think (including sleep). With vials at around 35s each 2g per potion is a little under 2g/hour not including the plants.

The good energy vials are 41/7 (lamden, allecorde, amphrosis). You can produce ~28 per day. I believe 8-9 potions is enough to get you 24 hours worth of energy. You can drink 14 of them before sleeping so its pretty damn efficient to use them. If you spend your chimerics you can use one every 2ish days and never need to sleep again. It's how my Krya miner works now. He's never leaving that mine (well until I stop needing krya). I can't imagine its very healthy though. :P

Re: Therian Saga

Posted: Tue Jan 13, 2015 5:41 pm UTC
by Deva
64 Difficulty for Nuertesilicio/Waxed Cotton Bedding/Frail Bone Trim. 37 Comfort.

Expects to access full Rustic Wingu clothes later today. Held onto materials in case of Salancedar overtaking Salandrin (spoiler: no).

Tested Salancedar. Performs much better than Soletto. (Did not steal Hoist, fortunately.) Tended to win and lose by decent margins. Should avoid any +/- 1 scenarios.

Short version: Best for all Mill Strengths, Conveyor, Plants Dryer, Rails for Stones and Ores, Engineer’s Desk, Tanning Frames, Irrigation (Horticulture and Swamp), Swamp in Megamachines (possibly more), Bowl, Comfort in furniture, and Forest/Swamp/Snow/Cave Constructability (compared with other wood only). Ties Demon Bone for Forest and Carpentry jewelry too.

Long version:
Bellows: Loses to Salandrin (-10)
Plane: Loses to Salandrin (-2)

Mill Strengths: Crushes everything (+3 minimum over Azulio)

Conveyor: Defeats Nuertesilicio (+4)
Bookcase: Ties Azulio (0)

Trap: Loses to Salandrin (-4)
Butcher’s Table: Loses to Salandrin (-4)

Plants Dryer: Defeats Melandrin (+3)
- Horticulture: Defeats Melandrin (+7)
- Forest: Loses to Salandrin (-11)
- Snow: Ties everything
- Cave: Loses to Azulio (-5)
- Swamp: Destroys Melandrin (+14)

Safe: Loses to Gurdismo (-3)

Rails for Stones: Defeats Gurdismo (+8)
Scaffolding: Loses to Azulio (-4)
Hoist: Loses to Soletto (-2)

Rails for Ore: Defeats Melandrin (+8)
Forge: Loses to Azulio (-3)
Oven: Loses to Azulio (-3)

Captaltar: Loses to Azulio (-2)
Engineer’s Desk: Defeats Melandrin (+2). 62 Engineering with Salancedar/Oceanite/Volriziar/Galandor.

Cutting Winch: Loses to Azulio (-3)
Cabinetmaker’s Bench: Loses to Azulio (-3)
Crane: Loses to Azulio (-3)
Sawmill: Loses to Azulio (-3)

Jeweler’s Workbench: Loses to Azulio (-4)
Sewing Table: Loses to Salandrin (-3)
Tanning Frames: Defeats Azulio (+2)

Megamachine: Swamp: Defeats Melandrin (+2)
Did not bother with the rest.

Trim: 10 Shadow/17 Glory/16 Aristocracy/19 War. Bad.
Pavise: 30/30/31 with Walhein. (Comparison: 41/26/30 with Salandrin.)
- Concoction Strength: Defeats Melandrin (+12)
- Corrosion Strength: Defeats Salandrin (+6)
Jewelry Embellishment: 56 Imputrescibility. Ties Demon Bone. (Carpentry, Forest)
Mallet: Loses to Salandrin (-10)
Clogs: 32 Swamp. Get Olkznar instead.
Stake: Loses to Solone (-9)
Tenons: Loses to Solone (-7)

Noble Furniture: Defeats Nuertesilicio (+3 with Waxed Cotton Beddings/Frail Bone Trims)
Statue: Loses to Salandrin (-9 Leadership, -13 Prestige)
- 31 Urban. Ties Azulio (0).
- 33 Plains. Loses to Soletto (-7)
- 48 Forest. Defeats Gurdismo (+11)
- 33 Hills. Loses to Soletto (-6)
- 24 Mountain. Loses to Soletto (-5)
- 44 Swamp. Defeats Melandrin (+11)
- 33 Desert. Loses to Soletto (-10)
- 51 Snow. Defeats Melandrin (+14)
- 37 Cave. Defeats Azulio (+7)

- 29 Fame. Loses to Soletto (-21)
- 23 Prestige. Loses to Soletto (-27)
- 33 Fortification. Loses to Soletto (-4)

Re: Therian Saga

Posted: Tue Jan 13, 2015 6:50 pm UTC
by Chen
Well thats nice. You get 20 of it for completing a very straightforward quest in the swamp. Well straightforward if you can hit 58 swamp.

I'm not sure how feasible it is to gather though. It's 68 difficulty. You can hit 68 woodcutting by cutting giant solone beams or possibly 69 for cutting down giant nuert (the game guide still seems messed up for this). I believe soletto composite long bows let you hit 75 wood (74 otherwise with gurdismo). So best case here we have: 72(hero)*0.4 + 48 (T3 wood)*0.3+44 (kmane axe)*0.2+39(winch)*0.1 + 4.8 = 60.7. Which means a 7.3 potion would be needed. So I'm pretty sure we'd need runic tools/potions before that can be made unless I missed something. It's possible there's a more expensive winch that could be made, but I remember getting pretty stuck at that 39 when making the one for cutting down the giant solone. In addition to that you need the swamp protosensor and 400 oceanite blocks to make the lumberjack camp there.

It does apparently drop from the monsters in the swamp and the swamp dungeon. At the moment however, those kick my ass HARD, so I'm not sure how to manage that. May have to wait until I get that kdel/dom harnois (which requires an volcanite forge to make...and runic tools for the chest).

Re: Therian Saga

Posted: Tue Jan 13, 2015 6:55 pm UTC
by Izawwlgood
I have a large number of kry clusters queued for smelting, and will be checking in periodically

Re: Therian Saga

Posted: Tue Jan 13, 2015 10:43 pm UTC
by Deva
Finished recording Runic Artifact digging in Starfield. Encompasses approximately three weeks.

Attempts: 100
Successes: 56
Runic Artifact Fragments: 113

Other loot:
24 Old Currency
6 Ancestral Dice
27 Worn Stone Ancient Tablet
5 Damaged Stone Ancient Tablet
3 Stone Ancient Tablet
7 Ancient Bone
12 Common Artifact Fragment
2 Military Artifact Fragment
3 Occult Artifact Fragment
5 Noble Artifact Fragment

Acquired eight times more Old Currency (estimated) post-Tarasquan patch. Received triple the Stone Ancient Tablets in half the time. (Might attribute that to poor prior luck, though.)

Recommends the Lupuntar Rune action (from Vinnerson quests) for Old Currency too. Averaged about one per cooldown (in five or six trials). Yields good items for little time.

Re: Therian Saga

Posted: Wed Jan 14, 2015 1:48 pm UTC
by Chen
So the hunting factory is up in the main factories domain. 47 machine and I believe its also 47 mechanical strength. With a 50 idol and 5.0 talisman you can cut catoblepases with HQ steel blades as expected.

I moved 9 of the foundations to the HQ as well the other day. Will move the others when I have a day that I don't use my speedups on anything. I'm not sure what to do about the Frames though. It's ~4 hours to move them and you can't really queue it since you have to move items from your inventory. Even with a horn its over an hour to move them which means it uses up the horn completely unless you speed it up with more BC. Using a horn AND extra BC you could move 3 of them per day I think and that would cost 14 BC. That seems far less useful than using BC to move the foundations. How many people can hit 20 effective transport? It's going to be very awkward to move those if I'm the only one transporting.

Re: Therian Saga

Posted: Wed Jan 14, 2015 3:53 pm UTC
by Grop
Chen wrote:How many people can hit 20 effective transport?

I can.

Re: Therian Saga

Posted: Wed Jan 14, 2015 7:42 pm UTC
by Deva
Started moving one.

Wishes to trade Sewing goods for five Azulio Planks, ten Kryanroc Ingots, one Kryandel Scraper, and one Kryandel Awl. Offers any Rustic Wingu slot, Olkznar (Lankarian or normal), and Jutug Bowstrings. Sees Wingu around 100 gold per fabric. Sold Olkznar for 50-60 gold per fabric and Jutug for 65 per bowstring. Owns plenty of Xuran and Frizifrets too.
Sewing Items.jpg

(Forgot about the Leadership on Rustic Wingu until the achievement for a 45 Leadership Tabard.)

Re: Therian Saga

Posted: Wed Jan 14, 2015 7:52 pm UTC
by Izawwlgood
i can probably help you with the kdel stuff.

Re: Therian Saga

Posted: Wed Jan 14, 2015 8:33 pm UTC
by Chen
I can probably help with the Azulio. May want some Frizifrets and possibly some Wingu stuff. I'll check when I'm online and we can figure out a deal. I think I have 6 planks and that would let me trade you 5 and still have one for testing. If you have any Cato meat or Dead Catos Im also interested.

Also Izzy, the clusters you're cracking for me are not high priority. I'm only going to use them for eventual Harnois armor so I'm still something like 45 clusters away from what I need. I mean I will eventually need em cracked open but if you have other things to do I'm ok with you doing that and cracking them when you have the chance. You can just send me the nuggets and track which ones are cracked already on the spreadsheet. Eventually we'll have enough agreements to run another metal delegation and we can get more people the recipe to smelt them.