What would Randall do in 2047? (in an alien-RPG-world)

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What would Randall do in 2047? (in an alien-RPG-world)

Postby Coming_curse » Fri Mar 20, 2015 9:36 am UTC


I'm a gamemaster in the German near-future-alien-RPG 'Contact'. Preparing the plot for our game today I came to the conclusion that I don't want to host a game that is set in a near future world where XKCD does not exist anymore ... If you think about it: Randall could ... no, just has to still live in the year 2047 where the game is taking place.
So imagine you live in a world that has some similarities to the XCom games (Aliens exist and quite frequently visit our world to mess it up, but the public doesn't know about it; a worldwide secret organization is trying to handle the invasion; also: psionic powers exist).
What would Randall do?

Ideas are much appreciated ... :)

Thanks in advance

Edit: I'm not quite sure which information you need or like to have so I posted my question quite broadly. If you need any information: please tell me :)

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