Ark: Survival of the Fittest

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Ark: Survival of the Fittest

Postby Biliboy » Tue May 31, 2016 9:27 pm UTC

The Hunger Games meets dinosaurs and gets eaten by a spinosaur.

It's a free to play mod of Ark: Survival Evolved released by the devs as a gateway drug to the main game, but is quite fun to play by itself, no need to buy the full game if you don't like the longer term style 'survival' gameplay. There's an Elo based ranking system too if you enjoy that sort of thing, similar to chess or LoL's system.

It's similar to the H1Z1 King of the Kill, based on what I've seen of that game, but I believe there's more room for 'skill', and not entirely based on who finds the best weapon the fastest. Everyone can craft whatever gear they want, or can forgo guns entirely and focus on taming hordes of herbivores or carnivores to do their bidding. There's a variety of strategies to winning, and the timers are pretty balanced to keep a team from doing everything at once.

The game starts with everyone dropping from the lobby to the ground, almost exactly like the Hunger Games, with bits of gear on the ground in the middle. People can grab those or run for the jungle (my preference normally). After the game timer starts running down, 35 minutes to an hour or so later, depending on game mode, the 'Ring of Death' starts pushing people back to the middle for the final showdown.

Dinos are tamed by knocking them unconscious with tranq arrows, slingshots (or even your bare hands if you think you are awesome enough), and feeding them their preferred food. For herbivores that's the purple berries, for carnivores, prime raw meat (for big guys like rexes) or just regular raw meat.

I've found that lately I'm less interested in the kind of game where you have to spend lots of time 'grinding' to keep up with kids that have too much free time. Games that let you start from scratch every time and play for short sessions, a la the MOBA genre, and have teamplay elements are what I look for now. I've been playing with a group of regulars on teamspeak in the 2man and 4man modes and do fairly well. There's also a solo mode, Free For All that's fun if no one else is online.

For example vids, try searching youtube for Typeforced's "101 ways to win SOTF" or ghostwolfgames sotf series.

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