Tetris Thread: Mk2 Competitive Edition (+ Puyo Tetris!)

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Tetris Thread: Mk2 Competitive Edition (+ Puyo Tetris!)

Postby KnightExemplar » Fri Sep 30, 2016 8:34 pm UTC

Earlier Thread: http://forums.xkcd.com/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=16842

I didn't feel like necroing that post. Besides, I want to talk about Competitive Tetris. I bought Puyo Tetris a few weeks ago for the PS4 (I don't have a PS4 yet) and I'll say the game was 100% worth it. Not only am I playing the modern version of "Mean Bean Machine", but competitive Tetris seems to be a game that literally everyone I know feels comfortable to play. Its an excellent party game with super-deep competitive aspects.

From the Puyo side, I've stagnated.

I think I've regained the speed of my youth (back when I played Mean Bean Machine on a Sega Genesis), but without any competition, there's basically no point in continuing :-(. I can comfortably reach 5-combos faster than my opponents can setup anything (and since literally everyone else plays Tetris... that means I hit them for ~15+ garbage lines within ~20 seconds or so). If I get "lucky" with my transition and can build a 7-combo, the instant-kill is glorious from my perspective... but no one seems to want to play Tetris vs Puyo against me.

I have literally never transitioned to a "3rd level" combo (10+ combo). I can't "tail" combos. I only know the GTR transition + Stack transition (literally nothing else). And the vast majority of my strategy is just "head-extending combo". So I know I'm a weaker Puyo player in the great scheme of things... but its all about what your friends play around you... ya know what I mean?

FYI: seasoned players consider Tetris to have the advantage in this game, but no one in my group is at the skill level where Puyo loses to Tetris. Soooo... Puyo is "unfair" in my group and I'm basically forced to play Tetris vs Tetris. No one else knows how to play Puyo, so I instant-win in "Swap" mode or any of the combination modes as well.

Knowing how to play decent Puyo is a huge advantage in those "mixed" modes, who'd have thought?

Also, at low levels of play, I'd argue its much easier to do a 5-combo in Puyo (aka: the max you can do without a transition) than to downstack the ~15 garbage that is sent, or to build the 3+ Back-to-Back Tetris / TSpin doubles needed to negate the 5-combo damage.

At higher levels of play, it looks like Pros are MUCH faster at downstacking and are able to whip out advanced setups like the Imperial Cross for a B2B Ren1 T-Spin Double (that's 9 garbage yo! Plus starting a Ren chain and a B2B chain for more future damage! Tetris has MUCH more HP than Puyo (you instant-kill Puyo players with 5-combo. But all damage is divided by ~4 when it transfers from Puyo -> Tetris. So it barely registers as ~half the board), Tetris has instant-drops (Puyo can only soft-drop), and Puyo gets garbage from the top (which kills combos, slows down the player and stuff...)

So... Puyo > Tetris for beginners, but Tetris > Puyo for experts. At least, based on the rules of this particular game and how damage is dealt to each other. Play Swap mode for balance!


Sticking to the Tetris vs Tetris rules still results in a great game. I'd have to say that I'm still beginner level Tetris, based on my research. But I can comfortably setup T-Spin doubles over a Tetris-column, and am comfortable in executing a 3-wide combo. On NullPoMino I'm at approximately 18-lines per minute (yeah... I know. Pros get 18-tetris per minute...).

So I'm kinda slow at it, but I am comfortable at doing it. I'm hoping speed will come with practice.

I guess my first step would be to buy a PS4 so that I can actually play this game at my house, lol. Instead of playing it at only my friend's houses. But after that, I think I'll move on to practicing ideal movement finesse in the "Lucky Attack" mode.

Anyone out there trying to master Tetris?
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