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perfect bowling

Postby phillip1882 » Fri Dec 09, 2016 3:01 am UTC

i've been bowling for two year now and recently it came to me: why is a perfect game of bowling 300? why wouldn't it be 330?
say you got 3 strikes in a row, 1 in the first frame, one in the second, and one in the third. then you got 2 gutter balls. clearly this is worth 60 points.
so why isn't this 60 when you do it in the 10th?
at the very least, a perfect game should be a 310, with the third bowl counting toward both strikes.
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Re: perfect bowling

Postby cyanyoshi » Fri Dec 09, 2016 5:32 am UTC

The extra rolls (frames 11 and 12) have the benefit of making a strike on frame 10 worth as much as a strike on frame 5, score-wise. This system also makes it possible to get any score from 0 to 300. If you bowl 11 strikes and a 9, then you're score is 299: just 1 shy of perfection.

We could also just do away with those bonus frames altogether if that makes you feel better. You knocked down all the pins on frame 10? Cool. The game's over. This would cause the score of a perfect game to be 30+30+30+30+30+30+30+30+20+10=270. However, I prefer the current scoring system because it's nice that you get rewarded by finishing strongly...with more fun ball rolling! Yaaay!

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