Anyone remember the Mechwarrior games? Well guess what...

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Re: Anyone remember the Mechwarrior games? Well guess what.

Postby Durinthal » Sun May 02, 2010 7:53 pm UTC

I found a post explaining how to get and install it without their server being up at all, though I haven't yet tried it myself.

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Re: Anyone remember the Mechwarrior games? Well guess what.

Postby LuNatic » Mon May 03, 2010 7:25 am UTC

I've got the Mekpak 3.1 release, but I've been unable to download the patch that upgrades it to the free version so far. I'll try that tutorial when I get home.

Edit: After mucking around with various ideas and links, I came up with this:

Manual Method
Download the MTX program from here and install it. Use the file menu option to update it. Then download the game content using this torrent. Download the patch piles via the torrents here and here. Use the open .mtx file option in the MTX Menu to open the three .mtx files (do so in the order linked here). Click on the games available tab in mtx and tell it to install mechwarrior 4. Once this has done (took me about 15 mins) tell it to update. Having these files should bypass all downloading.

I have tested this and can confirm it works.
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Re: Anyone remember the Mechwarrior games? Well guess what.

Postby emceng » Mon May 03, 2010 6:17 pm UTC

This is pretty sweet. I do have MW4, Merc, and Black Knight already, but I may grab these. It will solve CD install issues - mainly the fact that I lost one of the CDs for either 4 or Mercs. I have really loved all the MW games. I was disappointed in the change of customizability in 3, but it was ok and made things make more sense. The one thing that a friend pointed out was gamebreaking though. In every map(EVERY single map) in MW3, there were places with water you could stand in. That meant that you could load up with lots of energy weapons, and sit in a puddle and kick ass. It was kind of game breaking.

I remember playing MW2 and Mercs2 when I was a kid. I played the crap out of that game, winning with both factions multiple times. I even did a playthrough where I used the absolute lightest mech I could to beat it. I got something like 6 missions in before I stopped using a 30 tonner.

I do wish I followed the story a bit better. I guess I am a good soldier though. Plunk me in a mech, put some red dots on my IFF, and I go kick ass.
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