Favorite game of all time?

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Various Varieties
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Re: Favorite game of all time?

Postby Various Varieties » Sat Oct 17, 2009 11:42 pm UTC

GoldenEye on the N64. The multiplayer is what most people praise the game for these days, but for me the single-player is just as worthy of praise. Little presentational details matter too: as far as I'm concerned, its time attack and cheats system, which added so much replay value, should be a standard feature of all modern FPSs - and yet a small team within Rare who'd mostly never made a game before got it right first time!

Nostalgia is definitely a big part of why I like it, in the sense that I doubt I'd care for the game if I was to play it for the first time today. But it's not nostalgia in the rose-tinted memories sense, as I still return to it fairly frequently: I find I don't have any problem switching from a modern twin-stick FPS with movement on the left stick and non-inverted aiming on the right, to GoldenEye's stick-for-INVERTED-aiming-C-button-for-WASD-movement control system. Even the embarrassingly low framerate and non-centred manual-targeting reticule don't put me off!

I can acknowledge that it's dated in pretty much every way, and that lots of FPSs have since surpassed individual elements of it. But none of them have combined the elements I like in an FPS quite so brilliantly. None of them had the impact that one did when I first played it - no other game has given me the same gloriously-addicted desire to hold the pad in my hand when I'm away from it. None of them have given me as many hours of pleasure.

Dated or not, those are good enough criteria for calling it my #1.

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Re: Favorite game of all time?

Postby Zelda007 » Sun Oct 18, 2009 1:57 am UTC

I can't just pick one end-all game for me. I'm going to have to do this thing on an individual console basis. Also, I'm only doing consoles I've owned.

SNES: Super Mario World
N64: Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time or GoldenEye
Gamecube: Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess or Metroid Prime 2
Wii: No More Heroes or SSBB

GBA: Pokemon Emerald
DS: The World Ends With You

PC: Dawn of War: Dark Crusade

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Re: Favorite game of all time?

Postby tgjensen » Mon Oct 19, 2009 2:38 am UTC

I've always loved Homeworld. The atmosphere that it created with its beautiful graphics and soundtrack was just amazing, and I loved the ability to move around in true 3-D.

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Re: Favorite game of all time?

Postby BlazeOrangeDeer » Mon Oct 19, 2009 5:03 am UTC

Portal, it's portal. With GLaDOS, and the companion cube.
Half Life 2, "Confiscation Field error", enough said.
Pokemon red, classic, addictive, exploitable glitches for the win(have you seen the mew glitch? ridiculous).
Fire Emblem 7, excellent party management and character development, awesome story, cool fight animations.
If I had to choose one, I might say... um... that would be hard. :|

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Re: Favorite game of all time?

Postby slightlydead » Mon Oct 19, 2009 5:22 am UTC

games i loved so much i played multiple times because they were so much fun fire emblem 6x, golden sun3x, oracle of ages5x and pokemon gold 4x(transfering and saving my 'mons of course!)

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Re: Favorite game of all time?

Postby Fin Archangel » Mon Oct 19, 2009 6:53 am UTC



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Re: Favorite game of all time?

Postby Lounge » Fri Oct 23, 2009 6:38 pm UTC

The original Legend of Zelda will never be topped for me. It was a time before the internet and guides and maps. Me and my father would make our own maps for levels, using gridpaper from his work. We'd have a key for which walls could be bombed, which walls could be passed through (invisible doorway style.) Where the compass was, where the key was, etc. etc.

It's timeless to me. I'm sure a lot of it is my memories of the game, and my experiences with it, but it will always be my favorite game ever.

I think when I sat down and thought about my top 5 games two of them were for the NES, and three of them were for the Genesis.

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Re: Favorite game of all time?

Postby stormbringer_951 » Sat Oct 24, 2009 1:53 pm UTC

My favourite game: don't have one. I always get bored and restless of a game after a while. Some of the classics that I go back to time and time again are

- Nethack: Do I even need to explain this? It's Nethack. It makes cRPGs look like a crutch for the weak.
- Dwarf Fortress: The universe recreated in ASCII. WIth ax-crazy dwarves. And magma.
- Thief series: The best first person sneaker ever. Atmospheric, back before steampunk was mainstream and with a witty and cynical protagonist
- S.t.a.l.k.e.r: A great FPSRPG (although light on the RPG elements), with brilliant atmosphere and a great AI system. Mods make it better.
- Deus Ex: The greatest FPSRPG of all time; this was the first to get the balance right and it rocked. Cyberpunk for the win. Pity the sequel sucked.
- Total War: A mix of Risk-esque geostrategy and some beautiful battles. Also, with a massive mod community.
- Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines: A mediocre game on release, patched up to awesome by the community. It has a wry and dark sense of humour, and although the endgame was kind of shit it's a memorable experience

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Re: Favorite game of all time?

Postby TheGameboy » Mon Oct 26, 2009 4:27 am UTC

I'm also going to do only systems i own.
NES: tie between Duck Hunt, Super Mario 3, or Tetris, maybe even Top Gun (mainly because i'm the only one i know who can pull off the landing sequence EVERY time i try)
SNES: Super Mario All stars
N64: Super Smash Bros
Gamecube: Super Smash Bros Melee :D
Wii: Mario Kart Wii (i only play online anymore, so any challengers (Non-hacked) are welcome)
PS1: Spyro 2 Riptos Rage
PS2: Namco Museum
Xbox: Secret Weapons Over Normandy
Dreamcast: Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2
Atari 2600: Berzerk :evil:
Genesis: Sonic The Hedgehog 2
GB: Tetris
GB color: Super Mario Bros Deluxe
GBA: Classic NES Series Super Mario Bros
DS: Game & Watch Collection (Club Nintendo WooT!!)
Virtual Boy: Wario Land

well, these are my favorites, i still play most of them regularly, but a few of them, never played anymore, like dreamcast or xbox...

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Re: Favorite game of all time?

Postby Nande_Ebisu? » Tue Oct 27, 2009 11:00 pm UTC

Mario Kart 64, That game is timeless, my cousins, who are almost 10 years younger than me, used to love playing that game whenever they came over to my house (until the got Mario Kart for the wii (not as good imo! :()

Contemporary game, gotta go with Portal. I suck at FPS's, but I'm awesome at puzzle games meaning I couldn't touch my roommate in halo, but laughed my ass off when he got stuck on some easy parts of portal :twisted:
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Re: Favorite game of all time?

Postby PowPit » Sun Nov 01, 2009 11:00 am UTC


Everything in this game completely captivated me. The stylish graphics, the great music, weird sounds, interesting gameplay and most of all: The absolutely insane and aweome story and atmosphere. This game is art.

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Re: Favorite game of all time?

Postby crucialityfactor » Sun Nov 01, 2009 6:22 pm UTC

Never met a version of Tetris that I didn't love, and subsequently beat into submission.

Seriously, can a game get more perfect? ANYone can play it, it's simple gameplay, but makes you think alot, requires patience and good forward thinking, and I dare you to find a more intense gaming experience than when you start getting to the really high levels where it just becomes reactions and partially good luck.

Plus, multiplayer is always a good time.

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Re: Favorite game of all time?

Postby Wyvern » Sun Nov 01, 2009 9:11 pm UTC

Ooh. I'm having a hard Time Deciding between Ocarina of Time and Fire Emblem 7.

Okay, definitely Fire Emblem 7. That game was just.... wow. I don't think I could ever be possessed to play through a 50 hour RPG seven times ever again.... that game is just that good. The characters felt so real..... it was heartbreaking whenever you messed up and somebody got killed. To see their dying words, watch them fade out of existence.... and have the game go on without them.... it really put some weight behind everything. I'd never played a game that was so realistically brutal like this before. Their lives were in your hands, and while sometimes there were events outside of your control, nothing could compare with that sickening feeling of when you knew that you just screwed up, and were about to pay dearly for it........

Yeah, I was probably way too young for this game when I played it. But I do think it was good for me.

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Re: Favorite game of all time?

Postby Munzapoppa » Sun Nov 01, 2009 11:56 pm UTC

By system:

PS1: Crash Team Racing or Spyro 3
PS2: Guitar Hero 2 or Tony Hawk's American Wasteland
PS3: Grand Theft Auto 4 or Rock Band 2
PSP: Rock Band Unplugged or Star Wars Battlfront Renegade Squadron
N64: Pokemon Stadium 2
Gamecube: SSB Melee
Wii: Wii Sports (havent played on this much)
Game Boy: Any Pokemon game

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Re: Favorite game of all time?

Postby RetSpline » Tue Nov 03, 2009 6:25 pm UTC

Morrowind is definitely my favorite game, ever, but MechWarrior 2 holds a nostalgic place in my heart as one of the first games I ever played. I recently got the music off the cd and listened to it. Brought back tons of memories and emotions =)

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Re: Favorite game of all time?

Postby kernelpanic » Tue Nov 03, 2009 7:20 pm UTC

Maniac Mansion (NES). I frankly can't find anything I don't like about it.
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Re: Favorite game of all time?

Postby SecondTalon » Tue Nov 03, 2009 8:08 pm UTC

That it had all the cool stuff edited out of it?
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Re: Favorite game of all time?

Postby Purky » Wed Nov 04, 2009 9:11 am UTC

Mario Kart and Super Metroid on the SNES, Snatcher on the Mega-CD, Final Fantasy 8 on PS1, Monkey Island 1/2 on my old Commodore Amiga :D

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Re: Favorite game of all time?

Postby kernelpanic » Wed Nov 04, 2009 2:48 pm UTC

SecondTalon wrote:That it had all the cool stuff edited out of it?

Oh... I... thank you for ruining a childhood memory.
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Re: Favorite game of all time?

Postby kinigget » Wed Nov 04, 2009 8:00 pm UTC

Psychonauts. Two words: Telekinetic Bears. That and the amazing characters.
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Re: Favorite game of all time?

Postby Decker » Wed Nov 04, 2009 8:44 pm UTC

Need for Speed: Hot Persuit 2 is the most fun I've ever gotten out of a racing game.
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Re: Favorite game of all time?

Postby DreadArchon » Thu Nov 05, 2009 9:19 pm UTC

I like a lot of the games on these lists very much, but my favorite is still System Shock 2.

Infamous comes close, though.

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Re: Favorite game of all time?

Postby Lopsidation » Fri Nov 06, 2009 1:08 am UTC

La-Mulana- for its music, atmosphere, difficulty, and most of all charm.
A close second would be Touhou: Imperishable Night, for most of the same reasons.

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Re: Favorite game of all time?

Postby Gears » Fri Nov 06, 2009 6:25 am UTC

Jos wrote:Command and Conquer - Tiberian Sun
TibSun for the win. I grew up with C&C. My favorite console game is Einhänder though.
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Re: Favorite game of all time?

Postby adanedhel728 » Sun Nov 08, 2009 12:03 am UTC

I've got five that I consider to be my all-time favorites, and I have a hard time picking a single one out of them. They're Suikoden 2, Silent Hill 2, Riven, Oblivion, and Chrono Cross. I would probably include Portal in that list if it weren't so short.

Suikoden is a really good turn-based RPG series by Konami. I've actually only played the first three because I haven't had the patience to play games much lately. Of those three, the second one was easily the best. A lot of people didn't like Suikoden 3, but I actually really liked it a lot.

Silent Hill 2 is a game that I think is just awesome. It love the way the story unfolds, I love the style, and the atmosphere is fantastic. I used to love the Resident Evil series, but when RE4 became such a disappointment (and, yes, I know that's a debate in itself), I started trying the Silent Hill games. Absolutely fantastic. Far better than even the pre-RE4 Resident Evil games.

I liked Riven because I was always compelled to keep going. I felt like I was accomplishing something. I mean, in reality, I was just sitting on my butt, but I felt like I was accomplishing something. And, like SH2, I loved the way the story unfolded. And I loved solving the puzzles.

Oblivion is just tons of fun. I guess the story isn't exactly a main feature, but it's just a lot of fun to travel around Cyrodiil. I tried Morrowind after Oblivion but had a difficult time getting into it because it's so tedious.

I love Chrono Cross because I just find the story fascinating. I probably would have enjoyed it just as much if it were a really long mini-series or something, lol. I also loved the music.


TibSun for the win.

I'm kind of surprised to see that. I loved Tiberian Sun, but I was always under the impression that most people didn't like it. I thought it was a lot of fun, though.

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Re: Favorite game of all time?

Postby You, sir, name? » Mon Nov 09, 2009 12:27 am UTC

Off the top of my head:
  • Fallout
  • System Shock II
  • Deus Ex
  • The Longest Journey
  • Chrono Trigger
  • Grim Fandango
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Re: Favorite game of all time?

Postby Ocean » Sat Nov 21, 2009 9:23 pm UTC

My favorite game of all time would be The Legends of Zelda: The Wind Waker, for the Nintendo GameCube. The gameplay and graphics were just so awesome, and don't get me started on the music =)

Second best favorite would probably Super Mario Sunshine, also for the GameCube, also because of the gameplay. I liked the puzzles an awful lot for sure!

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Re: Favorite game of all time?

Postby Pryomancer » Sat Nov 21, 2009 10:19 pm UTC

The original Metal Gear Solid. It played like a blockbuster movie, had a fantastic plot and had those little details that makes a game truely great.
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Re: Favorite game of all time?

Postby headprogrammingczar » Sun Nov 22, 2009 1:07 am UTC

Yeah, but it wasn't as good as the original Metal Gear j/k. I would have to say Eternal Silence is my favorite, because it is so far the only game I have seen that fits into two genres at once and does both well.
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Re: Favorite game of all time?

Postby Cammy » Fri Nov 27, 2009 2:21 pm UTC

Shadow of the Colossus

And a bunch of fighting games I can't choose between

And the Metal Gear series

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Re: Favorite game of all time?

Postby Goldstein » Sat Jan 23, 2010 11:24 am UTC

I don't know, joby. They all seem pretty linear.
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Re: Favorite game of all time?

Postby Whispering » Sat Jan 23, 2010 1:07 pm UTC

MoO 2
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Re: Favorite game of all time?

Postby novax6 » Sat Jan 23, 2010 7:42 pm UTC

There's no way in hell for me to just pick one, but, not counting indie games (Nethack and Dwarf fortress) or mods of games (PR for BF2, even if It is the best multiplayer shooter i've ever played), i'll try and list some of my favorites:

-System Shock 2
-Baldur's Gate 2
-Deus Ex
-Shadow of the Colossus
-Silent Hill 2
-Super Metroid
-Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
-Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
-Final Fantasy 6 & 7
-Super Mario World
-Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence
-Resident Evil 4
-Rome: Total War
-Company of Heroes
-Eternal Darkness
-Heroes of Might and Magic 3
-The Dig
-Final Fantasy Tactics
-Metroid Prime

And, 2009 games that may make it into my all time list, just need more time:
-Uncharted 2 (jesus christ the art in that game is amazing)
-Left 4 Dead 2 (best co-op game i've played in years)
-Demon Souls (still need to finish it, very unique at least)

I'm sure there's more to the list i'm forgetting, but that's off the top of my head.

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Re: Favorite game of all time?

Postby nowfocus » Mon Jan 25, 2010 12:34 am UTC

I'm a turn based guy at heart so...
By Game Play:
Masters of Orion II: The best turn based strategy I've ever played. You can play in dozens of ways, design completely custom ships that play incredibly differently, deep tactical combat based on those ships (something lacking from most other games), awesome tech tree with tough decisions that have massive consequences, creative army moving system that makes the map a chess board. Nothing cooler than the having an evenly matched AI meet you in the field with a hundred ships on either side.

I could go on for a while singing the virtues of the game, but another features prominently:

Alpha Centuri: A fantastic deep experience based around civilization, but where humanity is split on ideology instead of race. Through the game you come to understand each leaders philosphy, and the flaws therein. The seemingly slight differences between factions have massive consequences. The tech tree, which starts from today and goes off into the future, is creative and massively cool. Custom unit design, sea bases, fully terraformed land, the ability ship food in outside a cities radius, and my god the quotes from the different leaders on there own views and there historical idols is the best voice acting/scripting I've seen in a game.

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Re: Favorite game of all time?

Postby shoelessschuler » Mon Jan 25, 2010 3:59 am UTC

All my favourites have been mentioned, but I thought I'd throw in... DUCK HUNT!
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Re: Favorite game of all time?

Postby Reborn » Mon Jan 25, 2010 10:40 am UTC

Fallout 1&2 and Planescape: Torment. I still play them every 6 months. Just to keep my memory fresh.
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Re: Favorite game of all time?

Postby DragonHawk » Mon Jan 25, 2010 11:18 pm UTC

Favorite game of all time?

id Software's Doom

Yah, it's old, and the tech is rather dated by today's standards. I haven't played it in years. But it's my all-time favorite, for sure.

There was just something about Doom that remains untouched for me to this day. Perhaps it's because it broke new ground on the PC, and for gaming in general, and I was there for it in my formative years. Perhaps because it was one of the last big games before the Internet really took over, and I was there and saw it happen. Perhaps it hit some kind of sweet spot. Perhaps it's just nostalgia. But Doom will forever hold a special place for me.

Some combination of the level design, the graphics, the sound, the music, the atmosphere, the mystique all came together in a way that no game since has really done for me. Sure, games since have had much more sophisticated level design. Sure, modern graphics are *way* more richly detailed, and the levels actually look like realistic places in many cases. Sure, you can actually look at monsters today from all angles -- even when they're dead. Computed, environmental lighting and sound. Heck, real 3D levels.

But Doom still managed to pull off something amazing. id manged to make its limitations work for it in many cases. The uniformly flickering lighting with sharply defined boundaries was particularly spooky.

/end nerdgasm
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Re: Favorite game of all time?

Postby jahwn lemonjello » Sun Jan 31, 2010 5:24 am UTC

A few of my favorites from my short life, I would be hard pressed to pick one.
The Legend of Zelda: anything. Topping those, oracle of seasons and ages.
Fallout 3, great RPG, FPS and cool perk system.
Civilization Revolution, first civilization game I could play as a mac owner, I got it for DS and xbox and love it so much.
Spore, the greatest sim game ever. I can make it all, and someone did.
Borderlands, crazy, I love collecting stuff.
Halo 3, godly online.
Lord of the Rings, The Third Age. Hadhood was crazy and I played through it several times, I loved the system, it is one of the few exceptions to my dislike of turn based combat, I liked being in the LOTR universe but not needing to follow the story.
I am a bit of a sucker for the new stuff, as you can see only one or two of those is more than a couple of years old.
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Re: Favorite game of all time?

Postby Thadlerian » Sun Jan 31, 2010 1:44 pm UTC

Transport Tycoon. Original, Original Terrain Editor, Deluxe, Patch and Open. For the trains.

Rollcage. For general awesome.

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Re: Favorite game of all time?

Postby ProZac » Mon Feb 01, 2010 2:22 pm UTC

Best game ever, is easily, Secret of Mana. I would love to see another game done in this style, not the crap they've done recently with the series.

Smash Bros games deserve an honorable mention for being endlessly fun with a group of people.

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