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Space Alert

Postby She » Tue Jan 12, 2010 9:20 pm UTC

So, I recently got hold of Space Alert, a real-time co-op game about keeping a space ship (Sitting Duck exploration class) afloat through ten-minute missions. It's great.

For those of you who have played other co-op games ( like Pandemic or Arkham Horror), you might be familiar with the problem of them sometimes, with an unbalanced group, becoming puzzles that one or two of the players will solve, simply telling the other players what to do on their turns. That is outright impossible in this game, since it's all a RoboRally-style planning phase with facedown action cards being placed for each of 12 turns by each of the four or five players. Players feeling like telling other people what to do simply have to delegate instead - "I want that stealth fighter down by the end of round 5, okay? I'm busy dealing with the maelstrom!"

Those of you who have played roborally would also recognize the domino-like mix-ups that come from planning several rounds in advance. Simply forgetting the turn order can have you firing a gun the instant before it's reloaded, letting an enemy live one more round and destroy your gravo-lift, delaying the captain on his way to recharge the main reactor, rendering later cannon fire also useless, and so on. Until the ship explodes and you die.

Yes, it's a good game. Anyone else who has played it?

EDIT: Read the Gaming section rules and realized this would be a good thing: The game's page on Boardgamegeek and the game's page at Czech Games Edition, where it's made.
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Re: Space Alert

Postby GiantSnowman » Sat Jan 23, 2010 2:18 am UTC

I've spent two evenings with this. I think you understated the confusion and mayhem a little. You see, there's a CD playing shouting things like: "Threat detected! Zone Blue! T-minus 5!" at which point you draw a card with an enemy. The CD runs for about ten minutes during which you'll be putting the Roborally style cards down but you won't know how your first turn went until the CD runs out. Quite often you'll think you've communicated and planned everything perfectly. So you all gather around the window to score some extra points only to have the ship explode around you because everyone thought someone else was going to handle that slimemonster.

The spaceship is called the Sitting Duck by the way.

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