stepmania modded marathon: legend of the black shawarma

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stepmania modded marathon: legend of the black shawarma

Postby rrwoods » Tue Oct 19, 2010 3:27 pm UTC

For my 1337th post, I present:

Legend of the Black Shawarma: a modded marathon.

(For the uninitiated: A "marathon" is a predefined sequence of songs at specific difficulties chosen by the author of the course. A "modded" marathon is a marathon with a modifier script applied, causing modifiers to turn on and off at various intensities and transition into and out of those modifiers at various speeds. For example, if I said #MODS:TIME=0.000:LEN=10.000:MODS=dizzy, that would cause the "dizzy" modifier to transition on at the beginning of the song, last for ten seconds, then transition off. If instead, the MODS= portion read MODS=*0.2 200% dizzy, that would cause the "dizzy" modifier to transition on five times slower than normal and the arrows to spin twice as fast. Different combinations of these MODS lines are used to make the course challenging in interesting and fun ways. Modded marathons are very often "art with arrows", and this course is no exception.)

This is Infected Mushroom's latest album (at the time of this writing), uncut:

Poquito Mas (11)
Sa'eed (10)
End of the Road (11)
Smashing the Opponent (9)
Can't Stop (11)
Herbert the Pervert (11)
Killing Time (9)
Project 100 (12)
Franks (11)
Slowly (11)
Legend of the Black Shawarma (13)
(difficulties in parentheses)

I am incredibly proud of this work and I delight in sharing it with whoever will play it. Without further ado:

For OpenITG/ITG2 arcade cabinet


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