Heroes of Might and Magic VI

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Heroes of Might and Magic VI

Postby Diadem » Thu Dec 01, 2011 8:55 pm UTC

I just found out this was released last month.

Has anybody played it? Is it any good? I checked out the trailer, but it contained the standard boring opening cinematic with no actual gameplay footage *yawn*. It seems to have very mixed reviews.

HommIII was brilliant, one of the best games ever. HommIV sucked, hommV was okish. I'm curious about hommVI, though I can't see it topping hommIII.
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Re: Heroes of Might and Magic VI

Postby Jessica » Thu Dec 01, 2011 10:27 pm UTC

I might try it someday.
Homm 2 and 3 were the best in the series. 4 did suck, never played 5.
But, maybe it's good? Maybe?
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Re: Heroes of Might and Magic VI

Postby Vaniver » Thu Dec 01, 2011 11:01 pm UTC

I have middle school memories of 3, and don't think I've played any of the other games. I got 6 a bit after it came out.

I have a lukewarm opinion of the game. It's very pretty and it reminds me a lot of 3, but compared to other strategy games the series as a whole seems sort of lacking. It really, really bothers me that the limiting resource by midgame is the rate at which your troops spawn, and the inability to swap between kinds of troops. (I don't want any lammasu, give me more liches instead!) The choices you make are mostly how to walk your hero around the map and how to fight battles. (And how to level your hero.)

Since the limiting factor is unit recruitment, it rewards cautious play- if you lose any units, that's a unit you won't have in the climactic battle(s) against other players. I suspect this biases the game towards the Undead (who have a unit that resurrects, a racial hero ability that resurrects, and a building that can rehire units you lost) and, to a weak extent, Haven (who have a unit that resurrects and a racial hero ability that prevents damage), but I can't tell how much that's true or not.

If you liked 3, I suspect you'll like 6. Will you enjoy it more than 3? Hard to say.
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Re: Heroes of Might and Magic VI

Postby Scuttlemutt » Fri Dec 02, 2011 3:39 pm UTC

Sanctuary doesn't do bad either; Their Coral/Pearl Priestess can give a temporary regeneration to a unit, and they get 2 charges per battle. Just as long as the stack itself stays alive (gets easier as the stacks get bigger), it's pretty good.

NPC battles seem to get somewhat shallow once your hero is high enough level.
I've been going through the Sanctuary campaign first getting every point of EXP I could, and at level 15 I picked the Teleport spell on the skill tree. To win battles, I pretty much just teleport a stack of Kenshi right up to the opponents ranged units and give it the aforementioned regen. The archers can't attack anybody else and all of the melee units try to dogpile the Kenshi to get it off the archer, but because I basically never take any Priestess casualties anymore I build up a huge stack that can grant huge regen, and often end battles not losing a single unit. This even works in siege battles.

I have to doubt a human opponent would fall for this more than once though (or at least develop a counter-tactic very quickly) :/ I think I would like a better challenge.

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Re: Heroes of Might and Magic VI

Postby Diadem » Fri Dec 02, 2011 3:57 pm UTC

Well building unstoppably huge armies has always been feature of HoMM. At least in my HoMM games. I always went the magic route, with priority on a huge mana pool, debilitating spells and resurrection spells. Then during battle first take out most of your enemy, debilitate the rest and take your time to raise all your dead units. You'll win almost every battle with 0 losses and build up a huge army.

And then attack an enemy hero who has only had 2 cities the entire game, expecting an easy win, and discover he had over 14,000 titans. Yes that really happened to me once. I'm pretty sure it was a bug, the game simply hadn't lasted long enough to get even 1% of that number, but it did end up being the most interesting game I ever played. Took a long time though :)

Anyway, I guess I gotta check out HoMM6! It sounds playable at least. I just won't get my hopes up. I can't handle another disappointment like Civ5.
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Re: Heroes of Might and Magic VI

Postby Joren » Sun Jan 15, 2012 1:49 am UTC

Homm3 is still the best, followed by homm 2. We all know Homm4 was completely off the charts but the campaigns were fun imo. I never played much homm5 I didn't like it. That being said I quite enjoy Homm6 The only big downside for me is the lack of maps, I suppose there could be some new dl able out there, but compared to homm3 it's nothing. (It's around a whopping 14 maps). Comparably it comes close to homm3. The new resource system is allright, it's not to easy to obtain those bloodcrystals but they are cheaper to buy from the market then the specials in homm3. I personally find might heroes the strongest in this game, a few spells do help though. (purge and lifesteal).

About not losing armies, I played all but the goblin one. If you get 2 core creatures and 1 elite you can clear the majority of the map on normal without any losses in your army after the first week.

At first I regretted wasting my money on it, but I enjoyed it later on. And for me it is also a collecters item. I got all homm in the original boxes. (Including homm1)! I also really like the (though sadly remixed) sound version when your standing in a grassy area from homm2.

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Re: Heroes of Might and Magic VI

Postby Obby » Mon Jan 16, 2012 12:00 pm UTC

I bought it not long after release... and I really regret it. The changes they made to the way the game is played (in terms of game mechanics) force players to expand as fast as possible out from their base, taking everything, attacking everything, and I don't like to play like that. I don't turtle, necessarily, but I do take things at my own pace, which happens to be slower than what the game wants it to be apparently. Every game I've played so far has ended in me getting absolutely pounded by the AI due to their army numbers being vastly higher than mine, no matter what difficulty I play at. After three weeks, I'll have all army structures built except the tier 7 creatures, but then I'll be desperately hurting for resources and can't afford to train everything, and then a couple days later the enemy rolls in with two heroes in a full range of artifacts, complete with tier 7 creatures, and each hero having at least twice my army count.

/sigh I hate sucking at video games, especially ones where I've loved the other games in the series.
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Re: Heroes of Might and Magic VI

Postby ekolis » Fri Jan 20, 2012 11:37 pm UTC

I gave up after failing several times on the second campaign map... do I just suck, or is that map really all that hard? I get my hero up to level 6 or so, and recruit another hero or two... and as soon as I get into invading the enemy's territory, he comes out with several level 5 heroes out of nowhere and sweeps through my defenses!
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