May by Lucky McKee

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May by Lucky McKee

Postby Ginger » Sun Dec 31, 2017 10:48 am UTC

What a creepy movie.

She lives alone with piles of broken dolls, has a bad lazy eye problem and talks to the other doll Suzy her best friend. And then she keeps not ever making friends and her strange behaviors leave her ever more isolated. Men and women alike come onto her because she's shy and coquettish. And then they Break Her Fragile Heart over and over and over and over. So she goes crazy, collects body parts, makes a New Best Friend and bleeds out from cutting out her good eye so her friend could finally, "See and notice me." Creepy, scary, violent and lovely. </3 That girl/woman broke my heart because nobody loved her. Her mother was a dominatrix and drove her father away.

It had Anna Faris in a role I enjoyed: A lesbian secretary named Polly. "Hey May: Wanna come back to my place and eat some melons?" She says. And May responds something-something like: "I really like your neck." Creepy-Creepy bad bad May.
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