AC/DC - Black Ice (Tour and Album)

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AC/DC - Black Ice (Tour and Album)

Postby Mauersegler » Mon Aug 31, 2009 8:11 pm UTC

There doesn't seem to be a thread about AC/DC yet. They released a new album (Black Ice) last year and are currently on tour through the states. Black Ice turned out to be a great album, in spite of of their age, those guys pulled another nice piece of rock out of their hat. So I decided to go and see them live, which I did in Leipzig this year. Needless to say that it was a mind blowing experience and since I'm in the states in october, I'll "just" go see them again in Buffalo, NY (10/18).

That much for the preface :-)

So are there more xkcd'ians who listen to AC/DC or even saw them on their current tour? I'm hoping that maybe someone here will also be in Buffalo at that concert, so that I'm not completely alone or that someone could at least tell me, how those concerts work in the states. In Germany we just had one big ground level and you could move "freely" from one side of the stage to the other, but the ticketing system where I bought the tickets for the concert in Buffalo had all those different floor level zones. I have a ticket for FL5 and it even has a row and seat number. Are there actually seats there or am I allowed to move somewhere else? The idea of having seats at a rock concert seems strange to me, but there were lots of people on the stands in Leipzig (no seats on the ground level though).

Sidenote: I thought about whether to put this into the meeting subforum, the help subforum or the music subforum. I hope I picked the right one ;-)

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Re: AC/DC - Black Ice (Tour and Album)

Postby Eliminator Jr. » Mon Aug 31, 2009 8:53 pm UTC

Last place I expected to see an AC/DC thread :P

Yeah I'm not much of a fan after the Bon Scott era - they had a few good songs but I just don't think Brian Johnson is as good a vocalist. Their new album wasn't bad considering their age but compared to Back In Black and everything before it I don't think it's much to get excited about. Like "Rock and Roll Train", what name of a song is that supposed to be? Glad some people liked it though. I like Decibel I think it is? I've only listened to the album a couple of times.

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Re: AC/DC - Black Ice (Tour and Album)

Postby Fat Tony » Thu Sep 10, 2009 1:16 am UTC

Great band, great album, great concert. I'm not really sure how to interpret that map. Maybe they have different railed-off floor sections? Every stadium is different, so I don't know.
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