Music sorting suggestions

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Music sorting suggestions

Postby emceng » Tue Mar 09, 2010 4:19 pm UTC

I would assume most people here have large music collections, and that most of it is digital. I am running into some issues with sorting my music, and I am looking for suggestions.

I currently have a few basic sorts that I do. I have a main music folder, that is then broken out into a few basic genres - Christmas, Classical, Comedy, Oldies, Rock, etc. The Rock folder is pretty much anything that is not specialized(so rock, metal, alternative, hip hop, etc.). These folders are then further sorted by artist. I have a second hard drive that I store all my full CDs on.

I have downloaded a fair number of singles, or just 1-4 songs from one artist. So I have lots of small folders. I also have a few unsorted folders, full of random songs that I have gotten.

I have a few issues with sorting. I have a hard time finding songs I want if they are not in an artist folder, but there are too many singles to create folders for all of them. I also don't want to include my full CDs in my main music folder, but sometimes they are the only place I have certain songs. Part of the issue is I like to create big playlists with a good mix of music - so I just add whole directories to my playlist. This doesn't work so well when I have full CDs and discographies of artists, as they bury other music. It also doesn't help that I have discographies from artists that only have a half dozen songs that I like. One reason I just add full folders like that is because I am adding new music fairly often, and again in small doses of different artists and genres. It is annoying to have to search your computer for that new song you downloaded and stored - so I want to be able to add a folder with good music that I can just shuffle without issue.

So I guess the question is - what can I do to improve my music storage? What can I do to ensure I can create a playlist of good music, including music from CDs, but excluding the dreck?

The only options I really see at this point are put copies of good music in two places, or manually create different playlists(neither is appealing to me).
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Re: Music sorting suggestions

Postby Midnight » Wed Mar 10, 2010 5:46 am UTC

honestly... get all of those files in one location, using whatever program you like. Personally, I enjoy itunes well enough to use it. i just sort by artist.

and if you're worried about only getting 'good' music on your playlists.. get rid of all the music you DON'T like! then all of it's good, right?
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Re: Music sorting suggestions

Postby Peter Galbavy » Wed Mar 10, 2010 4:57 pm UTC

I have a few top level folders: Artists, Compilations, Classical, Multichannel and Misc. Under Artists and Multichannel I have directories per artist with Surname, Firstname where the artists is a person and not a group. Compilations are the album names as directories. Classical I am *still* confused over but I am settling on Composer then Artist or Orchestra as directories. Misc is freeform, as the name suggests.

The "Album Artist" tag is used for the directory name while "Artist" is used as the display name, e.g. "Album Artist" (and the directory name) will be "Clapton, Eric" while "Artist" contains "Eric Clapton".

CD Singles have a "(Single)" suffixed to the album name.

For filenames I use track num - title.flac for single artist albums, track num - artist - title.flac for compilations both prefixed by an options "Disc XX" for multivolume albums.

If you use dbPoweramp to rip stuff, my filenaming setting is:

"[IFCOMP][IFVALUE]album artist,Artists\[album artist],Compilations[]\[album]\[IFMULTI]Disc [disc] - [][track] - [artist] - [title][][IF!COMP]Artists\[IFVALUE]album artist,[album artist],[artist][]\[album]\[IFMULTI]Disc [disc] - [][track] - [title][]"

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Re: Music sorting suggestions

Postby achan1058 » Thu Apr 01, 2010 6:43 am UTC

I just use iTunes, and use their comment field to categorize music so I can easily create a smart playlist to filter them out. (grouping is used for multi-track/movement works)

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